Peruvian immigration app and automated passport control

Pre-Registration at Peruvian Immigration before arrival

Pre Registro Migraciones App and automated passport control system in Peru

Since October 2020 everyone traveling to Peru by air is asked to pre-register his or her arrival in the country on an app. As pre-registered travelers don’t have to proceed to an immigration counter upon arrival but can use the automated passport control system to clear immigration, this novelty at Lima’s airport reduces contacts and is supposed to be more efficient and timesaving.


How does the pre-registration work?

Pre-registering your arrival is a super simple process. Actually, you are just doing the job an immigration officer would do when you enter Peru.


  • First download the app “Pre Registro Migraciones” on your mobile device. It’s available in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Step 2

  • Then open the app and enter the captcha.

Step 3

  • You are now asked to focus the camera of your device on your passport and scan the lower part of the page with the personal data – if for whatever reason this doesn’t work you can enter your personal data manually.

Step 4

  • Thoroughly check if your personal data appearing on the screen is correct. If yes, confirm; if no, it’s crucial to correct the mistakes before confirming.

Step 5

  • Scan the QR code of your boarding pass.

Step 6

  • Fill in the affidavit of health; the first questions are Covid-related, the last general.

Step 7

  • Take a selfie. After that the app generates a QR code.

Be aware that each person should pre-register even minors and that Migraciones asks to do so in the 48h before arrival.


Once arriving at the airport you can proceed to the automated passport control machines. There the QR code generated by the app is scanned and your passport and face are compared to entered data. If everything works smoothly you are supposed to be done in no time.

You as well can proceed to an immigration counter - which for the time being might be wise for foreign residents of Peru as the app only scans your foreign passport, but not your carné (if your passport is correctly linked to your carné it should work automatically; however, you surely don't want to enter as a tourist). As all your data is already in the system and the immigration officer only needs to scan your QR code und quickly check your passport (and carné), time spend at the counter and contacts are reduced.

Welcome to Peru!

In case the pre-registration process doesn’t work, don’t panic, not-pre-registered passengers still can proceed to an immigration counter upon arrival without any problems and clear immigration conventionally.

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