Peruvian immigration app and automated passport control

Pre-Registration at Peruvian Immigration before arrival

Pre Registro Migraciones App and automated passport control system in Peru

Since October 2020 everyone traveling to Peru by air is asked to pre-register his or her arrival in the country on an app. As pre-registered travelers don’t have to proceed to an immigration counter upon arrival but can use the automated passport control system to clear immigration, this novelty at Lima’s airport reduces contacts and is supposed to be more efficient and timesaving.

At least, that was the plan. When we entered Peru in mid-September 2021, the automated passport control machines were out of order and everyone had to proceed to an immigration counter.

While half a year ago the app was easy to download and in most cases worked perfectly, as of September 2021, many passengers seem to have problems to download the app or fill in required fields.

If downloading the app or filling in required fields doesn't work, don't worry. For now, pre-registering is not obligatory.


How does the pre-registration work?

Pre-registering your arrival is a super simple process. Actually, you are just doing the job the Migraciones officer would do when you enter Peru.

Step 1 - Download the app

First download the app “Pre Registro Migraciones” on your mobile device. It’s available in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Pre registration Migraciones app Peru
Download the Pre Registro Migraciones app available for iOS and Android 

Step 2 - Open App

Then open the app and enter the captcha.

Step 3 - Scan your passport

You are now asked to focus the camera of your device on your passport and scan the lower part of the page with the personal data - if for whatever reason this doesn’t work you can enter your personal data manually.

Pre registro Migraciones app Peru
The Pre Registro Migraciones app asks you to scan your passport, as shown in the picture. If this doesn't work, you as well can click on the bottom right to enter your personal data manually.

Step 4 - Check your personal data

Thoroughly check if your personal data appearing on the screen is correct. If yes, confirm; if no, it’s crucial to correct the mistakes before confirming.

Confirm personal data pre registration Migraciones Peru
Please check on the Pre registro Migraciones app that your personal data was scanned correctly; if not, correct mistakes before confirming

Step 5 - Scan QR code

Scan the QR code of your boarding pass.

Scan boarding pass - pre registration migraciones peru
Now the Pre Registro Migraciones app asks you to scan the QR code of your boarding pass

Step 6 - Health declaration

Fill in the affidavit of health; the first questions are Covid-related, the last general.

Health declaration and taking a selfie pre registration Migraciones Peru
After answering some health questions (left on the picture), the Pre Registro Migraciones app asks you to take a selfie.

Step 7- Take a selfie

Take a selfie. After that, the app generates a QR code.

QR code automatically generated by the Pre registration Migraciones app
The Pre Registro Migraciones app generates a QR code which you can show the immigration officer at the airport

Be aware that each person should pre-register even minors and that Migraciones asks to do so in the 48h before arrival.


Arriving in Peru

Once arriving at the airport, you were supposed to proceed to the automated passport control machines., where the QR code generated by the app would have been scanned and your passport and face compared to entered data.

However, as of mid-September 2021, the automated passport control machines were out of order and all arriving passengers had to proceed to an immigration counter.

Those who could get the app running and had the generated QR code spent a bit less time at the counter as all their data was already in the system and the immigration officer only needed to scan the QR code and quickly check the passport. On the other hand, those passengers who couldn't get the app to work actually didn't suffer any disadvantage and could clear immigrations conventionally with no problems.

Welcome to Peru!

Obligatory Health Declaration for entering Peru

While not having pre-registered your arrival doesn't pose a problem, presenting the Health Declaration is obligatory. Find here detailed information on how to get it in a few minutes.

As part of the Covid entry regulations everyone - visitor, resident and Peruvian; adult and child; vaccinated or unvaccinated - who wants to enter ...

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    maurice merlin · 16/01/2022
    Dear Thank You for your quick response!

    It was very good the information.

    I have another question, u will be able to
    help me. 

    My strategy will be to ask always
    for this permisson evry year,
    so that i can stay more then days i was abroad. 

    But dont know it does work.

    Here my Situation.

    I got the status rentista on 08/26/2021. I can stay abroad for 183 days without a permit, right?

    But for what i do need then this permission?
    I was thinking to get this in case , they do cancel my flight because of covid.

    For example:

    From 08/26/2021 to 08/26/2022 I should be in Peru in 183 days.

    If o do translate the spanish text to german
    im getting confused.

    Autorización de estadía fuera del país por ciento ochenta y tres (183) días calendario consecutivos (para residentes excepto Residente Permanente

    This means if i ask for the permission 183
    it means i can stay more than 183 in
    abroad? But i that point im confused because
    this means i can stay, defacto 1 year abroad?

    This is my Move History

    Emission Extranaro Card: 26.Aug.2021

    Exit 31.10.2021
    66 Dias: 2 Month, 4 Days.

    Entry:              30.11.2021

    Exit:                 26.03.2022

    118 Days.

    Total = 184 Days.

    Entry: Next ?

    Dont know because of Covid they
    can cancel the fllight.

    Thank You

    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 16/01/2022
      @maurice merlin
      OK, the point is that foreigners living on a resident visa in Peru have to be in Peru at least half a year, otherwise they will lose their residency; this means they can be outside the country for no longer than half a year. The application for the authorization isn't granted automatically; it is intended for foreigners in case of an emergency or force majeure only and can be denied or granted.

      If you apply for the authorization, you apply to stay outside longer than 183 days without losing your residency. You have to explain yourself and / or attach some sort of proof why you have to stay abroad longer than 183 days. If granted, they might allow you - depending on the case - to stay outside Peru 1 additional month or 3 or 4. It's completely up to Migraciones .

      I'm not sure, if trying to apply for it every year will work.


      P.S. If you prefer to continue our conversation in German (my native language), you are welcome to send me a message through our Contact form.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    maurice merlin · 16/01/2022
    Dear i have the rentista Visa so, i have to fill mark the permenant check box on the form?  Which is the one for 365 Days. I checked the form. Im rentista but dont know is this permenant? Because have to buy a different code. I happy for any advise!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 16/01/2022
      @maurice merlin
      Difficult questions you have for me. Peru differentiates between temporary visas (for short-term stays up to one year), residence visa for long-term stays (more than one year) which you usually have to extend after one or two years and permanent visas (after three years on a residence visa you can apply for the permanent visa and doesn't have to extend anymore).

      People on a resident visa can only stay outside Peru a max of 183 days per year, on a permanent visa you can be abroad 365 days.

      The exception to this general rule is the rentista visa, which is a resident visa but doesn't have to be extended and is valid for an indefinite period; allowed time outside Peru 183 days. Before Corona there have been discussions to allow rentistas to be outside Peru 365 days, but I'm not sure (and couldn't find it anywhere), if this was changed or not.

      With this being said, I personally think that the rentista visa is still a resident visa (the new foreigner law from 2021 still clearly states "rentista residente") and you have to check "Autorización de estadía fuera del país por ciento ochenta y tres (183) días calendario consecutivos (para residentes excepto Residente Permanente)" on the form.

      When looking for clarification on that matter, which was in vain, I however found out how to apply for the "Autorización de estadía fuera del país para residentes". It is done through the Agencia Digital (you don't have to go to Migraciones, I was wrong in my answer below). So, first pay the S/ 173.80 under code 07562 on pagalo.pe. Then enter the Agencia and fill in your personal data on the first page. Then click on the "Mesa de Partes Digital" and choose "Trámites TUPA". There choose "Permiso especial para permanecer fuera del país más de 183 días sin pérdida de residencia". Enter your personal data, the requested numbers from the payment receipt and upload required documents. Within 30 days, you get the resolution. Check you Buzon electronico regularly as Migraciones might ask for additional documents.


  • This commment is unpublished.
    maurice merlin · 16/01/2022
    Dear I will probably be out of Peru for more than 183 days. Do I have to ask for permission, can you please tell us how? With Pagalo codes and so on.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 16/01/2022
      @maurice merlin
      Hello Maurice,

      do you have a resident visa in Peru? If so, yes, you have to ask for permission to leave the country for longer than 183 days (365 days for permanent residents) otherwise you will loose your residency.

      The tramite is called "Autorización de estadía fuera del país" (por ciento ochenta y tres (183) días calendario consecutivos para residentes o por trescientos sesenta y cinco (365) calendario para Residente Permanente). Payment code is 07562 - Formulario PA-Autoriz./Permisos y control migratorio and the price is S/ 173.80.

      When I remember (!!!) correctly this tramite can't be done through the Agencia Digital (only the authorization for leaving the country during the extension process of your residency can be done online) and you must pay Migraciones a visit.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    daniel · 06/11/2021
    first of all thanks a lot for explaining the "health avidavit and the "pre registro app"

    i guess i wont be able to successfully finish the pre registro app
    since i wont have my boarding pass (QR) code until iam at the airport!
    officially it seems that this app is not a mandatory for entering peru
    but of course it would be nice if it would work ;)

    as it looks to me its the "Declaración Jurada de Salud y Autorización de Geolocalización"
    which is mandatory ONLY to board airplane (incl. the other covid regulations of course)

    i was just about to fill in the pre registro app,but since i dont have my qr code for the ticket yet,it seems useless!

    anyway i guess i have to give it another try before boarding the plane to peru!
    seems there are a lot of issues with succesfully transfering all the data
    well,hopefully the airline staff has all the right infos regarding this

    lovely greetings,

    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 06/11/2021
      Hello Daniel,

      yes, you are absolutely right.

      The pre-registration isn't mandatory and even the update of the app a few weeks ago didn't solve the problems many visitors have. So, in case it doesn't work, don't worry, you won't have any problems.

      On the other hand the health affidavit is obligatory, but if you know where to fill in what really easy to complete.

      All the best and have a good time in Peru

    • This commment is unpublished.
      daniel · 07/11/2021
      thx Eva :)
      do you think that it´s possible to fill out the"Declaración Jurada de Salud y Autorización de Geolocalización" lets say 4-5days before boarding or arriving Peru? or is the "within 72hrs" rule the best to follow?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 07/11/2021
      @daniel The system isn't blocked, so theoretically you can fill it out whenever you want, But if the document generated by the system which you have to present usually at the check-in and when entering Peru is issued earlier than 72 hours before your trip, it's not (!) accepted. So, get the health declaration in the time frame between 3 days before your trip and entering Peru.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      daniel · 07/11/2021
      ok that was my plan doing it within those 72hrs! ;)
      even on official pages the information regarding this are different,no matter if its the airline,or some other official pages! and as i remember in the "decreto supremo" its not even listed!

      all a bit confusing!

      vuela facil + the jorge chavez international airport pages are the most up to date pages if it comes to UPDATED informations regarding entry to peru,etc.

      and now while i found this pages,its even more informations!
      thx for helping me out
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 07/11/2021
      Thank you Daniel. The reason we started LimaEasy 15 years ago was that back then it was nearly impossible to find any good and up-to-date info about anything in Lima and Peru in English. Lots improved over the years, but sometimes it's still a mess and confusing especially for those not familiar with Peru. So, I'm always happy if our website is helpful to others and makes visiting and being in Peru easier.

      Have a nice Sunday
    • This commment is unpublished.
      daniel · 07/11/2021
      yes its great to help each other i agree,especially when infos are up to date,well researched and last but not least,official
      like here !

      especially these days there are so many wrong informations available and sometimes even airlines or governments can be pretty confusing with their statements regarding entry and other rules regarding entry!

      most airlines say you should have the "up to date official infos" (that is perfectly natural for me) but in reality the truth often looks different!

      some of the infos they have are NOT updated,or updated way too late!
      i can fully understand that they cant do every country from a-z on a daily basis,but its super important these days to rely to official sites,
      and somehow i think its also their responsibility to be up to date!

      i ve read some worrying stories regarding check in and boarding

      they still demand you having a test while its ONLY mandatory to show a vaccination certificate (+ the health affidavit)
      and in the end even might deny you boarding the airplane
      because of mis -information,thats fatal in my opinion!

      so its always good to have some extra infos and make as many screenshots as possible as an extra proof to be on the safe side for the trip ;)

      if you dont mind i would like to mention another great official site you can rely on
      regarding up to date travel infos

      its the IATA travel centre/ covid-19 regulations map


      daniel :)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    CLuv · 05/09/2021
    The app doesnt work
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 05/09/2021
      Yes, a few travelers already reported that they had trouble getting the app downloaded, fill in the spaces, take the picture or get the QR. Really annoying. We personally downloaded the app on iOS and Android and filled in all necessary data; it worked perfectly.

      Anyway, pre-registering your arrival is not (!) obligatory and you won't have any problem with immigration in Peru. If the airline asks for the app, just tell them you can't download it or it doesn't run on your phone; they are aware that some people can't get it to work.


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