General Peruvian Money Information

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The Monetary Systems of Peru

General Peruvian Money Information
Throughout its history Peru had quite a number of monetary systems: starting in Colonial times with the currency of the Spanish conquerors, the Real, to the Real and Peso of the early Peruvian Republic, to the Peruvian Sol, Peso, Peseta, Inca and Libra in the second half of the 19th century, to the Sol de Oro and the Inti of the 20th century to ...

How to distinguish between real and fake Peruvian money

General Peruvian Money Information
Over the past decade Peru established itself as the world leader in counterfeit money output producing the world’s finest fake banknotes; mainly US Dollars – about 60% of all counterfeit US$ bills are produced in Peru - but as well Peruvian (Nuevos) Soles. So, when living or travelling in Peru chances are high that you come across one or another...

Handling Money in Peru

General Peruvian Money Information
When traveling to Peru (and many other countries) your safety and security, especially regarding all money matters, should be on the top of your attention list. So being aware of some peculiarities as well as common tricks and traps and knowing how to handle them might get important in the rare case you get into critical situations.

ATMs - Credit Cards - Traveler's Cheques

General Peruvian Money Information
When traveling you of course need money. Even though debit and credit cards are at least in major cities widely accepted, cash is still king in Peru. But taking larger amounts of physical money with you isn’t recommended; so best bring virtual money in the form of cards - here simply called tarjetas - with you and withdraw cash as you need it in...

Changing Money in Peru

General Peruvian Money Information
In Peru US Dollars and Euros can be exchanged to local currency, the Peruvian Sol, easily without restrictions in hotels, banks, exchange offices or on the street. Changing other currencies or paying with them is often more difficult to impossible.

Tipping in Peru

General Peruvian Money Information
Peru hasn’t got a tipping culture or obligation as we know them from other countries and usually Peruvians aren’t accustomed to show their appreciation for a wonderful service by leaving a tip. Only with increased tourism and developments in the service sector a tipping etiquette evolved and tipping became widely accepted and partly expected, es...

Money Transfers to and from Peru

General Peruvian Money Information
With Peru becoming extremely attractive with travelers, expats and investors over the past years, and family members and friends often living far from home, the need for quick, easy, reliable, and inexpensive international money transfers from and to Peru increased.
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Founded in April 1826, the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru (MNAAHP) is Peru's oldest state museum. On display is a wide range of perfectly preserved pre-Hispanic ceramics, textiles, metals, organic materials and lithic's. Objects of historic-artistic value are exhibited. The documentary, photographic and bibliographic collections tell...
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