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How to renew your carné de extranjeria due to expiration

Renewal of the Carné de Extranjería

How to renew your carné due to expiration

When your Peruvian residence visa is approved, you get the Carné de Extranjería, your Peruvian foreigner ID. The carné, so the card (not the residence visa) is usually valid 4 years and then must be renewed. Since the introduction of the Migraciones online platform applying for the renewal of the carné is a straightforward and quick process.

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General information about the carné and the residence visa

Lots of foreigners living legally in Peru are often not aware that there is a difference between the expiration of their carné, the card, and the expiration of their residence visa, so the permit allowing them to live in the country.

On the front of your carné (in older versions it was on the back) you find the Caducidad, which is the date your carné, so the card, expires. On the back is the Vencimiento Residencia, the date your residence visa expires, which isn’t printed on the card anymore and you have to check online.

The residence visa is valid for only one (1) year after being approved (in case of a family visa based on marriage with a Peruvian two years) and then must be extended. Our article "Residence visa extension in Peru" explains in detail how you can renew your residence permit.

In Peru, a residence visa, so the permit allowing you to live in the country (not the carné, the card), is usually valid for only one (1) year and ...

Your carné, however, is usually valid 4 years after being issued; in case of minors only 3 years and 5 years in case of permanent residents. While the expiration date is printed on the card, you additionally can check online under this direct link or on the Agencia Digital in the left menu on the main page under Consultas en Linea, subpoint Carné.

When your carné is about to expire, you must apply for a new card, which can be done up to 30 days before the expiration date. We highly recommend applying for the renewal of your carné on time as otherwise you are charged a fine of 1 UIT (equals S/ 51.50 in 2024) per month you renewed after the expiration date.

Since the introduction of the Agencia Digital applying for a new carné is a simple, straightforward, and quick process, which is the same no matter what kind of residence visa you have.

However, be aware that your residence visa must be valid when you apply for a new carné. So, in most cases first extend your residence visa and as soon as you get the approval renew your carné.


Requirements for the renewal of the carné

  • Form (automatically filled in during the online application)
  • Receipt for paid application fee (code Migraciones 07561 Formulario F-SPE-001; concept Renovacion de carné de extranjería, S/ 22.10)
  • Passport
  • Carné with an expiration date within the next 30 days
  • Valid residence visa

How to apply for the renewal of the carné

Pay the fee of S/ 22.10 for the Migraciones administrative procedure “Formulario F-SPE-001” under code 07561 with concept "Renovacion de carné de extranjería" on pagalo.pe or at a Banco de la Nacion branch. As you are already in Peru for a while and paid other fees, you know how the systems works; if not check again in our article "Paying administration charges and processing fees in Peru".

All administration charges, processing fees and fines government agencies, public authorities and entities levy in Peru have to be paid at the Banc...

Then open the Migraciones Agencia Digital and click on Entrar.

On the next page, select "Extranjero". Then choose in the drop-down menu Carné de extranjería and enter your carné number. Click on Validar and complete the other fields (birth date, date your carné was issued, nationality, last time you entered Peru and the Captcha). You can as well enter the Agencia Digital with your passport.

Now you are on the main page of the Agencia Digital. Here you can either use the search field or find in the menu on the left "Renovación de carné de extranjería". Click on it.

1st page of the carné renewal application

Select the Migraciones office which should handle your application (for example, Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, …) and click on siguiente.

2nd page of the carné renewal application

Here you must fill in some data and upload for the carné renewal application necessary documents as PDF.

Under “Pago por derecho de tramite” you are asked to enter certain information of the bank receipt

  • numero de recibo (number of the receipt) which is the "secuencia de pago" on the pagalo receipt
  • codigo de verficación (verification code) which is the "codigo control" on the pagalo receipt
  • fecha de recibo (date) which is the "fecha de operación" on the pagalo receipt.

After entering the requested info click on Validar.

Under Documento de Identificación, choose the document with which you entered the country, in most cases this will be pasaporte. Enter the passport number, date and country of issue and upload a PDF of your passport.

Accept the terms & conditions and click on Siguiente.

3rd page of the carné renewal application

You then get to a page showing the fields of the Form F-SPE-001 filled in with your personal data. Nothing to do here.

However, below that you are informed that in case your passport number, which is linked to your carné, changed, you must enter your new passport number under the "Documento de Viaje" point. So, if your passport number changed, enter the correct number and click on Sigueinte. Or if you still have the same passport number, leave the field blank and click on siguiente.

4th page of the carné renewal application

You now get the "Renovación de carné de extranjería" document displayed on your screen. That's the confirmation of your successful application for the renewal of your carné. Download and/or print the document and keep it safe (if downloading isn't possible, make a screenshot of the complete page)!!!

At the top right of the document under the bar code you find your Numero de expediente (file number), which sometimes is also called Numero de tramite. At the bottom of the first page the Fecha de publicacion (application date) and a Codigo de verificacion (verification code) are shown.

If you later want to check the status of your application online, which can be done here, you will need these numbers / codes.

On the second page you find your login data for the Buzon Electronico.


Getting your new carné

For the moment all you can do is wait until you get a notification from Migraciones in your Buzon informing you about the approval of your application and asking you to make an appointment for the biometrics, which can be done in the left menu on the main page of the Agencia Digital under "Citas en Linea", subpoint "para registro de datos biometricos".

Biometric data appointment

On the day of your biometric data appointment, be at the Migraciones office 15 - 30 minutes before your appointment. You will only need your printed (!) appointment and passport.

At the door you just have to show your appointment and passport. At the Lima Migraciones office you get a ticket with a number on it. Then just join the line and wait until your number is shown on the screen. When it's your turn proceed to the counter where you have to sign on a signature pad, you are digitally fingerprinted and a biometric photo is taken.

Do not wear a white shirt or a top in light or pastel color! Migraciones might refuse to take your photo. Best wear a simple black shirt or something in a dark or strong color.

There were times when the process in the Migraciones office in Lima was quick and astonishingly well organized and you were done in less than half an hour. However, over the past few months some foreigners reported that their appointment time wasn't respected and they had to wait for anything between one and three hours until they made it to the counter where the process was quick and smooth. So, plan accordingly. At the Migraciones offices in the provinces, the whole process is usually quick and painless.

After you are done Migraciones staff should tell you when your carné is ready. Recently most people are told to check their Buzon electronico regularly as Migraciones sends a notification confirming the "expedición del carné".

Picking up your new carné

Once you are informed that your carné was issued, enter the Agencia Digital. On the main page in the left menu under "Citas en linea", subpoint "para recojo de documentos" you can make the appointment to pick up your carné (don't forget to download and print the confirmation).

Be aware that at some Migraciones offices in the provinces no appointment is needed.

To pick up your carné at the branch, which you entered during the application process, you just need your passport and your printed appointment. Migraciones personal will point you in the right direction where you are handed your carné.

You made it and your carné is good for another 4 (3 or 5) years.

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