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Finding your way through Lima's city jungle and discovering the many scattered attractions the capital of Peru offers can be quite difficult, and you might miss a vital part of Lima's charisma. An enjoyable way of discovering the charm of Lima with no hassle is to make the good old city tour with a bus. If you prefer something different, even try a bicycle tour.

There are lots of companies in Lima doing many tours and trips through the city center, the different districts and the surroundings of Lima, so it's hard to choose. Anyhow, below find a few tour operators we think are offering great tours, good value for money and are following the international security standards.

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Since 2019 Lima’s district Miraflores has one more attraction: Peruvian Experience, the first space of cultural and gastronomic entertainment of Peru where visitors take a fun and hands-on journey through Peruvian history, culture and gastronomy from the food of the Incas to today’s famous Peruvian dishes without ever leaving Lima.

Haku Tours

Citytours & Sightseeing
Providing an insight into the "real Lima", Haku Tours offers a unique variety of tours, traditional as well as fun and activity, in and around the city. Small groups (only 1 to 6 participants), an outstanding personal service and knowledgeable, attentive guides combined with the commitment to give back to local communities in need make Haku Tour...

The Lima Gourmet Company

Citytours & Sightseeing
Tour Lima in a different way! The unique city food tours of Lima Gourmet Tours combine a behind-the-scenes city tour with Peru's star dishes and top-notch restaurants; so you can see and taste the best of the city in just one day. This hands-on experience includes a visit to a local market and a secret garden café, a private cooking class with a...


Citytours & Sightseeing
LimaMentor offers a wide range of really unique, more personal tours away from the classic sightseeing circuits combined with an excellent service. The tours show you places where you can discover and experience the "real" Lima.


Citytours & Sightseeing
A unique approach of getting to know one important facet of Lima and Peru offers SkyKitchen. Instead of a traditional city tour we all love and enjoy, Chef Yurac and his partner Christian introduce you to the Limeñan and Peruvian way of life differently: with one of a kind cooking classes. Instead of just watching how a cook prepares original Pe...


Citytours & Sightseeing
Very interesting and pleasant are rides on the Mirabus. The panoramic buses have two floors. You can enjoy driving through Lima in the air-conditioned inside or go upstairs where you have a real convertible feeling. Relax while the breeze cools you down and the Lima's hectic and chaotic traffic seems far away or better below you. You will have a...

Bike Tours of Lima

Citytours & Sightseeing
Enjoy and discover Lima in a completely different way; with a bike tour. The city tours of Bike Tours of Lima cover the most traditional and typical spots of the capital. The tours are carried out mainly over bike lanes, beautiful parks, wide sidewalks, one way streets and always on flat areas, wherever possible away from busy main roads to ensu...

Lima Running Tours

Citytours & Sightseeing
A completely different way to get in touch with Lima's history and important landmarks is Sight Jogging offered by Lima Running Tours. Your guide shows you the best spots and most traditional neighborhoods of Lima, its history and people, running across the city's streets, parks, squares and boardwalks.


Citytours & Sightseeing
With their distinctive two story panoramic buses Turisbus - City Sightseeing is well known around the world. And even here in Lima you can enjoy a pleasant ride with them either in the air-conditioned inside of the bus or upstairs on the open 2nd floor. You will have lots of fun discovering Lima and its attractions in a different way.

Lima Vision

Citytours & Sightseeing
LimaVision is one of the best tour operators in Lima. Prices are at the high end, but you get real value for your money: great tours showing you the pre-Colonial, Colonial and Contemporary Lima, professional bilingual tour guides, responsible drivers, modern busses with comfortable seats and air-conditioning, pick-up service from any hotel in Mi...
10 results - showing 1 - 10

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Founded in April 1826, the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru (MNAAHP) is Peru's oldest state museum. On display is a wide range of perfectly preserved pre-Hispanic ceramics, textiles, metals, organic materials and lithic's. Objects of historic-artistic value are exhibited. The documentary, photographic and bibliographic collections tell...
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