Peruvian Cheese

Peru is famous for many things, but surely not for its cheese, which plays an important role in the Peruvian cuisine. And while the country, because of many, especially (infra)structural causes, has a weakly developed dairy and cheese industry, Peru produces around 50 different cheese varieties and has some fine artisanal cheesemakers producing delicious and unique, truly Peruvian cheeses that over the past years won numerous awards in international cheese contests.

The main cheesemaking regions in Peru include Cajamarca in northern Peru, Puno and Arequipa in the south, Lima, and other regions mainly in the Andean highlands such as Ancash, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancavelica, Huánuco, Junín, Moquegua, Pasco, and Piura.

And while there are some modern dairy farms along the coast producing milk on an industrial level, which mainly supply the two large processing companies Gloria/Nestle and Laive, the majority of Peru’s milk is produced by micro and small herds grazing in high altitudes giving the milk depending on the location distinctive qualities and flavors. This high-quality milk is perfect for making delicious butter, mouthwatering manjar blanco and, of course, unique and for the region characteristic cheeses full of flavors, which are produced either directly on the farms or by local small-scale cheesemakers.

So, to really enjoy what Peru offers cheese lovers, best visit a local market or one of the many small shops selling locally produced and/or artisanal Peruvian cheese.

Be surprised and enjoy!

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Peruvian Queso Fresco

Peruvian Cheese
Queso fresco, which translates to fresh cheese, is the most popular and most consumed cheese in Peru. It belongs to the Queso blanco (white cheese) varieties and has a mild flavor and a firm, crumbly texture. Queso fresco is widely used in several Peruvian dishes and sauces, adding a creamy and slightly cheesy element.

Peruvian Queso Paria

Peruvian Cheese
Queso Paria is a Peruvian fresh cheese originating in the southern Andean highlands in the Puno region of Peru. It belongs to the family of Andean cheeses (Quesos Andinos) and has a pleasant, slightly salty flavor and a smooth texture. Queso Paria plays an important part in the culinary traditions of the southern Andes, including the regions of ...

Peruvian Queso Mantecoso

Peruvian Cheese
Queso Mantecoso, meaning buttery cheese, is a semi-fresh cheese originating and till today mainly produced by small dairies in the Cajamarca region of northern Peru. It has a distinctive, slightly acidy flavor and a creamy texture. Queso Mantecoso represents like nothing else the region, its traditions and people and is the pride and joy of ever...

Peruvian Queso Andino

Peruvian Cheese
Queso Andino, Andean cheese, is a Peruvian semi-hard cheese, which is made throughout the Andean highlands, from Cajamarca in the north to Junin in the center to Cusco and Arequipa in the south. It has a mild, subtly salty flavor and a smooth, slightly creamy texture. While there are many variations depending on the region where it is produced, ...

Peruvian Quesillo

Peruvian Cheese
Peruvian Quesillo is a basic fresh cheese made in the Andean highlands. It has a mild, milky flavor and is often used in hearty Andean stews and soups, adding more flavor, texture, and a highly nutritious element to the dishes.

Queso Rojo de Lluta

Peruvian Cheese
Queso Rojo, Red Cheese, is a fresh cheese, which is made only in the small community of Lluta in the Colca Valley, about four hours from Arequipa. It has a pleasant, unique milky, and salty flavor and is used in many traditional dishes of the Arequipa region.
6 results - showing 1 - 6

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