Supermarkets in Peru

The traditional way of shopping for fresh fruits, veggies, meat and groceries in Lima is going to the local mercado (market). However, in the last 10 years the capital of Peru was plastered with many modern big supermarkets and hypermarkets, so many people changed their behavior and more and more Limeños use this efficient way of shopping. While prices might be a little higher in supermarkets than on the market around the corner, the variety of local and imported products is quite good, and especially for imported goods improved steadily in the last years.

Most supermarkets offer next to a wide range of breads, fruits and veggies, meat, poultry, fish, baby supplies, animal stuff, frozen foods and other groceries, also household supplies, clothes, stationary and toys. Nothing compared to an American Wallmart or Target, but for many a good way to do their weekly shopping or just to get a glass of their favorite peanut butter, an imported cheese, chocolate or sweets from back home or a good bottle of wine. While there might be still a few food items from your home country missing, the variety of local products easily can compensate for that.

All big supermarkets accept cash payments in Soles or Dollar. Visa Credit Cards are also a common method of payment (as foreigner take your Passport or Carne with you, as a national your DNI). Some supermarkets even offer online shopping, including the service of bringing your purchases to your doorstep. The five big supermarket chains in Peru are open Monday to Sunday and almost all public holidays, while the actual opening hours vary from location to location. Most open between 08.00 am and 09.00 am and close at around 10.00 pm.

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Supermarkets in Peru
The Wong supermarket chain has numerous stores throughout the city. Wong offers a vast selection of local and imported goods and an outstanding customer service. Customers can also buy online and have their order delivered to the door step.


Supermarkets in Peru
Vivanda supermarkets are part of the retailer Supermercados Peruanos and cater for the middle to upper class. They offer a wide range of local products and for Lima standards a very good selection of imported goods. Prices might be slightly higher than in other supermarkets. All branches have a small space where you can have a seat and enjoy lun...

Plaza Vea

Supermarkets in Peru
Plaza Vea is the largest supermarket chain in Peru belonging to Supermercados Peruanos S.A., the second largest peruvian retail company. Plaza Vea supermarkets are spread around town strategically located at Lima's hubs or within shopping malls. They offer a wide variety of local and imported products and good prices. Additional services include...


Supermarkets in Peru
Metro belongs to the Wong group and has many branches spread around town. Metro supermarkets are very similar to Wong ones. But generally speaking they offer lower prices and are more orientated towards promoting local products. This makes Metro Super- and Hypermarkets very popular.


Supermarkets in Peru
After the Wong group with its Wong and Metro supermarkets and Supermercados Peruanos with Plaza Vea and Vivanda, Tottus is the third big player in the Peruvian retail game. Tottus has at the moment a growing number of gigantic supermarkets in Lima and the provinces offering literally everything you need for your daily life.
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