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Tourist Visa extension in Peru

Tourist Visa extension in Peru

How to extend your tourist visa in Peru

For years it wasn’t possible to extend your tourist visa / "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" once you entered Peru. This changed in May 2018.

Since May 15, 2018 tourists who got less than the from the 2017 foreigner law allowed 183 days in a 365 days period when entering Peru can extend their tourist visa - correctly their "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" - while in Peru quick and easy online. The procedure is called "Prórroga de Permanencia – PRPL". However, it seems that the online extension process was only supposed to work for South American nationals according to bi- and multilateral agreements and Migraciones was a bit surprised to find that all nationalities, some with problems, could suddenly extend online.

And now it gets a little complicated. In June 2019 the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs quietly published an updated list showing which nationals need a tourist visa from a Peruvian embassy or consulate before coming to Peru and which nationals can travel visa-free to Peru and for how long. With this new publication, the general rule to be allowed to stay 183 days in a 365 days' period seems to be outdated for most nationalities.

So suddenly and mostly unnoticed, next to Schengen State nationals many other nationalities including for example US and Canadian nationals are only allowed to stay for up to 90 days in a 180 days period. While before Covid times immigration officers increasingly applied the new regulations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, giving many nationalities only the for their nationality allowed 90 days upon entry, now it seems that these regulations are applied as well with the contactless entry .

Please see our PDF " Visas for Peru by country and allowed length of stay" at the end of this article to find out how long you can stay visa-free in Peru - this PDF is an English translation of the original from the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which can be found here.


Anyway, from its introduction in May 2018 until the beginning of 2020 the platform to extend a “tourist visa” was embedded in the Migraciones website - where you still unfunctional can find it - and didn’t work properly. While some foreigners could extend without any problems, others got seemingly never-ending error messages from “no data record found”, to “information of the bank receipt not found”, to “requested extension days invalid”. If the problems were just the result of bad programming or that the system supposedly only was intended to work for some nationalities – which makes sense to me and seems plausible as the Banco de la Nacion payment code with which you pay for the extension under "prorroga permanencia" explicitly shows that this option is only for South Americans - we will never know.

In March 2020 Covid hit Peru, borders and airports were closed and thousands of tourists were stuck in Peru for months. They were assured that no “tourist visa” extension was necessary as long as Peru is under the State of Emergency; which it is till now.


Then by mid-2020, Migraciones – back then all offices were still closed - introduced a completely new online platform for Peruvians and foreigners, the Agencia Digital.

Since this time foreigners can for example change their immigration status (so apply for or change their residence visa), extend their residence visa, apply for different permits (such as the permit to sign contracts), check the status of several procedures, etc. online. One menu point of the Agencia Digital is named “Prórroga de Permanencia”, so the extension of your temporary stay or tourist visa.

With hardly any tourists in Peru at the moment, not knowing if Peru still waves overstayed tourist visas and still not knowing if the in 2018 introduced tourist visa extension was meant for all nationalities, right now we honestly don’t know, if and for whom the “Prórroga de Permanencia” works.

If you have any information on the topic, please feel free to contact us, so we can update the information here.


Requirements for extending a tourist visa in Peru

With above mentioned changes and uncertainties in mind according to Migraciones the requirements for extending a tourist visa are unchanged. So here they are:

  • Only nationals who don’t have to apply for an actual tourist visa at a Peruvian consulate abroad, but get a so-called "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" upon arrival can apply for the extension
  • Only those visitors with a still valid tourist visa (correctly “temporary authorization to enter as a tourist") can apply for the extension; when the visa is already expired, the process doesn’t work.
  • The tourist visa (correctly the "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist") can only be extended up to the for the nationality allowed max number of days (90 days within a 180 days period or 180 days in a 365 days period) and for not over 90 days; so if you only got 30 days when you entered Peru, you can only get an additional  60 days (if you belong to a nationality which is only allowed 90 days in a 180 days period) or 90 days (if you belong to a nationality which can stay up to 180 days in a 365 days period).
  • Be aware that for nationals of Schengen States, the maximum allowed time on a "tourist visa" is 90 days within a 180 days period. The reason for that is an agreement between the EU and Peru, which allows Peruvians to enter the Schengen area visa-free for tourism for 90 days; the other way round Schengen States nationals therefore are also only allowed to stay 90 days (in a 183 days period) in Peru. According to reports nationals of Schengen States that already got 90 days when entering, couldn't extend their "tourist visa" online. However, most times Migraciones extended the stay when applying in person at one of their offices and giving a good reason for a longer stay.
  • Be aware that since June 2019 US and Canadian nationals among many others are as well only allowed to stay 90 days (see our PDF " Visas for Peru by country and allowed length of stay" at the end of this article to find out how long you can stay visa-free)
  • The passport of the applicant has to be valid

How to apply for a tourist visa extension in Peru online

With above mentioned changes and uncertainties in mind the application process should work similar to other procedures in Peru. So, first pay the fee of S/ 11.70 for the Migraciones administrative procedure “Prórroga de Permanencia” under code 01857 at any Banco de la Nacion branch or on pagalo.pe.

You can find detailed explanations about how to pay, what you have to do and be aware of, how to register on the online payment platform and how to find the correct fee you have to pay, in our article "Paying administration charges and processing fees in Peru".

Then open the Migraciones Agencia Virtual. Choose "Extranjero" and enter the data requested. Enter your personal data exactly as in your passport. On the next page you find on the left the point “Prórroga de Permanencia”. Just click on it and sorry, from there you are on your own, but should only have  to follow the steps as indicated (have the receipt from the bank on hand as you have to enter some data from it - if you don't know where to find the requested bank information on your receipt, click on the question mark) .

If everything works smoothly you get a document with an administration procedure number (tramite no.) and date of application; download it and / or print it. Within a few days you should get the official confirmation of the successful extension of your tourist visa via the Buzon Electronico. Keep it safe.

And once again: if you have any detailed information about the tourist visa extension process in 2021, please share them with us. Thank you.


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