Pharmacies & Medicine

Lima has a wide network of pharmacies. In case you need one, you find a 'botica' or 'farmacia' literally around every corner. The bigger pharmacies are generally well sorted and offer quite a wide variety of medicine and drugstore articles. Many drugs available elsewhere only with a prescription can very often be bought over the counter, mainly at reasonable prices. Some bigger pharmacies in Lima offer a 24 hours delivery service. Just order by phone and a motorbike courier delivers to your doorstep.

If you need special medication or one specific drug, we would highly recommend taking it with you! At least enough until you find an alternative here – Consult your doctor for substitutes in advance. As you can find a pharmacy nearly everywhere while strolling through town, we won't bother you with several pages long listing of every single pharmacy. To keep things simple, find below only the names, phone numbers and websites of some bigger pharmacies offering deliveries. There are many more equally good pharmacies around.

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Boticas InkaFarma

Pharmacies & Medicine
InkaFarma is one of the largest pharmacy chains selling a wide range of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs in one of their countless outlets in Lima and whole Peru.

Boticas Mifarma

Pharmacies & Medicine
Mifarma is a large pharmacy chain with countless branches in Lima and Peru offering a wide range of over-the-counter drugs and prescribtion medicines.

Boticas y Salud

Pharmacies & Medicine
Boticas y Salud is a large farmacy chain offering a wide range of over-the-counter medicinal products and prescription pharmaceuticals in their numerous branches in Lima and whole Peru.

Boticas Peru

Pharmacies & Medicine
Boticas Peru is a large pharmacy chain with over 140 outlets in Lima and Peru offering a wide range of over-the-counter drugs and prescription medicines.

Farmacia Universal

Pharmacies & Medicine
Farmacia Universal is a smaller pharmacy chain operating only in Lima, but as the larger ones as well selling a wide range of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs.
5 results - showing 1 - 5

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