Meeting the opposite sex in Peru – How to stay safe

Meeting the opposite sex in Peru – How to stay safe

Travel Tips and Safety Advice – Part 9

Part 9

Most men are attracted to the beautiful, young and caring Peruvian women ensnaring their counterparts by being so different to the "cold" North American and European women.

On the other hand, some of these "cold" North American and European women are excited to make the acquaintance of a hot and passionate Latino. As there are thousands of young or a little bit more mature and honest Peruvians looking either for the love of their life or just to have some fun, both may find what they are looking for either on numerous dating websites or when visiting Peru.

But be a little bit cautious; as everywhere in the world there are some "bad apples" trying to take advantage of a clueless foreigner. That's why you should at least know a few facts and rules before you throw yourself into the fray and hook up.

With Peru still being a relatively poor country with limited possibilities you find quite a few women and men, called bricheras or bricheros in Peru, looking for a good situated foreign partner who either sweetens their lives (and the ones of their families) with nice clothes, shoes, cosmetics, health and beauty treatments, restaurant visits, apartments or who gives them a prospect of leaving the country.

While there are lots of foreigners living happily with their Peruvian partner or spouse, there are as well lots of foreign men and women who were and still are conned. Therefore, please use your common sense when meeting a potential new partner and check out if love or other interests connect you.

If you are out just for a little bit of fun, be aware that some local men and women you meet at the typical tourist bars and discotheques will be nice and sweet or even spend a night or two with you just to receive something in return for their "services"; be it you pay the drinks, invite them to a nice restaurant, buy clothes, jewelry or what so ever. If you are fine with supporting this sort of prostitution, great. If not, start thinking before leaving with the first available one throwing her- or himself at you.

As everywhere in the world spiking a drink at a bar, discotheque or even a hotel room is a quick and easy way to knock somebody out. Watch your glass if you don't want to wake up one day with nothing else left than your underwear.

If you are into women, make sure the one you are picking up or paying to join you is really one. There are some great transvestites out there making you believe they are the hottest women you ever met. Once in the hotel room it's inevitable discovering the mistake. Most men are so shocked and embarrassed that they just pay any amount asked to get rid of the "lady".

Always protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

Be suspicious when your new lover suddenly asks for larger amounts of money, for example because the child, mother... is sick and needs very expensive treatment or  medication immediately. Check out the story before opening your purse.

And if you suddenly receive an e-mail stating that the Peruvian friend you met while visiting Peru or over the internet has been abducted and will only be released if you transfer x amount of money, all your alarm bells should go off. The same applies when this "friend" (probably it’s someone impersonating him or her) or a friend of this friend is calling you telling that he or she is in police custody and / or in huge trouble and needs a large amount of cash to make bail or buy him-/herself out. This is a popular scam. Don’t even consider paying and go to the police immediately.

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