When we really think about it, zoos around the world aren't the perfect places for the animals that have to live in way too small cages or enclosures with hardly any entertainment apart from the visitor who has to see them living in such conditions. Despite these problems that afflict all zoos, they provide visitors with a selection of local and exotic wildlife. Anyway, most of us like going to the zoo, especially kids. Seeing and learning more about animals we otherwise might never get to see in their local habitat is fascinating and can be educational as well.

Lima has two main zoos, the Parque Zoologico Huachipa and the Parque de las Leyendas. While Parque Zoologica Huachipa is the newer zoo and a research center, Parque de las Leyendas is the traditional Lima zoo. There is much more to the "Park of Legends": The zoo was built right inside Lima's most extensive ancient city. This is one of the most important pre-Hispanic complexes at the central Peruvian coast called the Archaeological Complex of Maranga and today it houses some museums, various Huacas (Adobe Pyramids) and the beautiful Botanical Garden.

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The Parque de las Leyendas is Lima's traditional zoo. But it's much more than that. It is located amidst a big part of Lima's most extensive ancient city and is one of the most important pre-Hispanic complexes at the central Peruvian coast called the Archaeological Complex of Maranga. The park successfully manages to combine ecology, archaeology...
Parque Zoologico Huachipa is Lima's second zoo. Even though way smaller than the Parque de las Leyendas the privately owned park is a great place for families to enjoy a day. The zoo is a nicely arranged refuge for over 1000 animals of more than 200 species.
The Granja El Arriero is a petting zoo where your kids can be a farmer for a day. They can feed all kinds of farm animals, learn how to milk a cow, plant seeds, play in the hay.
La Granja Villa is sort of a petting zoo where children can learn a lot about farming and local animals. The kids are given a small basket with food to feed the numerous animals like cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and ponies, rabbits, llamas and alpacas, monkeys and many more.
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Kuelap Archaeological Zone

Kuelap Archaeological Zone

Located at 3000 m (about 10,000 feet) above sea level at the top of the Barreta plateau overlooking the Utcubamba Valley in northern Peru, the Kuelap complex is not only a prime example of the architectural style of the Chachapoyas culture, but also the largest stone monument in South America...
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