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The precursor of today's modern, western style shopping malls in Lima surely is the "commercial gallery" Galerias Boza. Opened already in 1956 at the famous Jr. de la Union in the city center it was for nearly 20 years the most luxurious and modern shopping facility of the capital. Unfortunately, it never recovered after it partly burnt down in 1975. In the 1960s they opened two small commercial centers: the Centro Comercial Todos in San Isidro near the Via Expresa and the Centro Comercial Risso in Lince at Av. Arequipa block 22, which is still operating. In 1973 Miraflores got its first, even though with only 23 boutiques and a coffee shop, a small commercial center, the famous 'Avant-Garde'. Sadly, today only a few stores are left.

In the 1970s and 1980s many middle sized shopping malls were opened: Plaza San Miguel, still operating, modernized, extended and very popular, Higuerta, an accumulation of many small stores and back then with two big retailers, the commercial center Arenales, as well still in business, and Camino Real in San Isidro, "the" shopping center of the 1980s, but today nothing compared to its former splendor. Other malls opened in the 1980s were the Plaza Camacho, the Molicentro, Caminos del Inca and El Polo. They remodeled all in the last years to meet modern standards and to compete against the new, ultramodern shopping malls popping up in Lima.

Since 1997, a new generation of shopping malls conquered the capital of Peru. Starting with Lima's showpiece mall, the Jockey Plaza, today's shopping centers turn into meeting places, like the main square in former times, offering its customers next to all possible shopping facilities also all kinds of entertainment, fairs and exhibitions. After this model places like Larcomar, Marina Park, Real Plaza Primavera, Plaza Norte, Lima Plaza Sur, Molina Plaza and many more were built.

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Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
At the top of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Miraflores, Larcomar probably is the unique shopping mall in Lima and even won the award for Innovative Design in Construction granted by the International Council of Shopping Centers. Around 160 shops and boutiques offer a wide variety of products for their high-end customers and tourist...

Jockey Plaza

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
When it comes to shopping malls, Jockey Plaza is one of Lima's showpieces. Opened in April 1997 Jockey Plaza offers high-end facilities for well-funded shoppers in a western style environment. Next to a big supermarket, a home center and two department stores, you find over 230 shops and boutiques offering everything from clothes and shoes to sp...

Real Plaza Centro Civico

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
Opened in January 2010 the Centro Comercial Real Plaza Centro Civico is supposed to develop into one of the biggest and most modern shopping facilities the capital has to offer; due to the confined space a challenging task. It's strategically located in Lima's city center next to the new underground bus terminal of the Lima Metroplitano on the g...

Plaza Lima Sur

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
Opened in 2005 Plaza Lima Sur is a modern shopping mall in Chorrillos. You find a big department store, a huge supermarket, a home center and 180 other shops meeting all your needs. Additionally Plaza Lima Sur houses a gym, a cinema, banks, a language school, a medical center and the obligatory food parlor.

Mega Plaza Norte

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
Opened in November 2002 the Mega Plaza Norte was the first shopping mall in Lima's Northern Cone catering there for the rapidly growing population. Today nearly 300 shops offer a broad range of products and services, entertainment and fun for the whole family.

Angamos Open Plaza

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
Angamos Open Plaza or - as some call it - Open Plaza Surquillo was inaugurated in September 2010. This modern shopping mall has a huge department store, a big supermarket, a home center, a gym and a cinema equipped with the latest technology incl. a high definition 3D screen. Additionally you find more than 80 other stores, a big food parlor, nu...

Atocongo Open Plaza

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
Atocongo Open Plaza is a small mall strategically located at the intersection of the South Pan American Highway with Av. Thomas Marsano in the low to middle class district of San Juan de Miraflores. It's the only facility of its kind in the area.

Real Plaza Primavera

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
The commercial center Primavera Park & Plaza was one of Lima's smaller shopping malls. Inaugurated in 2001 in the district of San Borja and extended in 2003, the Plaza Primavera was taken over by Real Plaza in 2011 remodelled again and renamed to Real Plaza Primavera.

El Polo Centro Comercial

Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
The Centro Comercial El Polo is a small shopping center in an exclusive district of Lima near the US Embassy and was opened in 1996. Its style is very different from other malls in Lima and it has some sort of charisma many others are missing. Coffee shops and ice cream parlors invite you to sit down and relax after you have done your shopping a...


Shopping Malls & Commercial Centers in Peru
Minka is supposed to be the first and only "commercial city" in Peru. Opened in 1999 with only 150 shops, it offers its customers today more than 1000 different stores. Next to a "normal" shopping center with department stores, banks, pharmacies, apparel stores, gyms, restaurants and family entertainment, you find at Minka a great market with ar...
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