Peruvian Personalities & Founders

Peru is a country with a history and culture going back many thousand years and is characterized by its diversity with people from different social and cultural backgrounds, countries and reasons to live and stay in, fight for or come to Peru. In its long history Peru produced many important personalities that were not only significant for Peru's cultural, social and political development, but as well for Latin America and the entire world.

Peruvians are very proud of their heroes. To honor and to always remember these important figures of the Peruvian past and present many "plazas", streets and parks are named after them and monuments build everywhere in the cities. Quite a lot of museums are named after and / or dedicated to them. Religious personalities are adored in "their" churches and worshiped in amazing processions.

Unfortunately, little is known about the distinguished men who came over 10.000 years ago to Peru, made it a habitable place to live and developed the impressive ancient cultures. The history of Peru and its famous personalities can only be exactly traced back to the 15th century, when the Spaniards arrived and recorded important matters in writing. But even in this short time of Peru's history there are many famous Peruvians who are worth mentioning: The founders of Peru, the heroes of independence, war heroes, eminent scientist, writers, authors and artists, religious personalities, politicians and even athletes.

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Francisco Pizarro González (1474-1541)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Francisco Pizarro, a peasant from Spain, was one of the least well-equipped conquerors in history. However, in the name of Christ, he destroyed the powerful Empire of the Incas and bestowed on Spai...
  • Conquistador
  • Explorer
  • Militarian

Santa Rosa de Lima (1586-1617)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Santa Rosa de Lima is the patroness of Lima, Peru, the Americas and the Philippines. Already as a child Rosa was possessed with the veneration of religion, as a young adult she lived in absolute ad...

José Fernando de Abascal (1743-1821)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Abascal was born into a noble family and was a Spanish military officer and colonial administrator in America. At the age of 19, he entered the army. After serving for 20 years, they promoted him t...
  • Militarian
  • Viceroy

Abraham Valdelomar Pinto (1888 -1919)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Pedro Abraham Valdelomar Pinto was a famous Peruvian writer leaving us some of the most beautiful Peruvian narrations, short stories, plays for theaters, essays and chronicles; and for his time eve...
  • Politician
  • Writer

Raúl Porras Barrenechea (1897-1960)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Raúl Porras Barrenechea was a famous Peruvian lawyer, professor, historian, writer, diplomat and politician. For his valuable researches he was honored twice (1945 and 1956) with the 'Inca Garcilas...
  • Educator
  • Historian
  • Politician
  • Writer

Jorge Basadre Grohmann (1903 -1980)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Jorge Basadre Grohmann is one of the most notable Peruvian historians. As a professor, researcher and publicist Jorge Basadre opened a new page in the view of history, introducing innovative method...
  • Educator
  • Historian
  • Writer

Ciro Alegría Bazán (1909-1967)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
Ciro Alegría was born 1909 in Cajabamba, Peru, as the son of Spanish-Irish parents. He died in 1967. His great-grandfather Diego Lynch was an Irishman and owner of Peruvian mines. Alegria at age ei...
  • Activist
  • Journalist
  • Politician
  • Writer

José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzáles (1914-1941)

Peruvian Personalities & Founders
José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzáles was a famous Peruvian aviaor. Named the best fighter pilot of the year 1939, he was the first cadet performing an inverted loop and three "tanneaux verticales", a pi...
  • Aviator
  • Militarian
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    Francisco Pizarro González (1474-1541)

    Francisco Pizarro, a peasant from Spain, was one of the least well-equipped conquerors in history. However, in the name…