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Europe’s first knowledge of Peruvian textiles was acquired following the Spanish invasion of Peru in 1532, when the conquistadores included a few fabrics in shipments of gold and silver they sent back to Spain.

History of Peruvian Archaeology

Peruvian Archaeology
The story of the origins and development of Peruvian archaeology begins with the earliest Spanish contact in 1524, and continues through the Colonial and Independence periods, leading at the close of the Early Republican period in 1900 to the emergence of the discipline of archaeology. It is to these three periods of time, spanning approximately...

Religion and Gods in Ancient Peru

People, Cultures, Religions & Gods of Peru
Like most ancient peoples, the Incas and their contemporaries worshipped multiple gods. Yet there was an unmistakable tendency for each group to recognize a single god as supremely significant, at least so far as its own tribal fortunes were concerned.
There are different legal entities which investors can use in order to incorporate businesses in Peru. The main legal forms of companies according to law are corporation, limited liability companies, branch offices, joint venture, etc. Any proceedings may be carried out directly or through a representative.
Peru has been given good forecasts by the best-known risk rating agencies, which have not only ratified the country's investment grade but have also raised the Peruvian sovereign credit rating. The factors backing these ratings are the solid economic prospects reflected in a GDP growth of 5.3% for 2013, and about 6.0% for 2014.

WiFi Access

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State of the art technology didn't pass by Peru completely. In Lima you find numerous public places with free Wi-Fi. Some hotels and hostels as well as bigger shopping malls, a few cafes and restaurants, especially in Miraflores and San Isidro, also offer this service to their customers. All Starbucks have Wi-Fi, most are free, but at some place...

Internet Cafes

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As many Peruvians don't have their own computer or Internet access, you can find Internet cafes around every corner in Lima. Size, equipment and speed differ from location to location. But all Internet cafes offer at least surfing the net and e-mailing, most national and international calls via Skype.

Cellphones & Mobile Phone Provider

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If you want to bring your cell phone with you to Lima, make sure it works in Peru. To avoid frequency compatibility problems, best have a GSM multi-band phone. While you can use your SIM card from home, be aware of high roaming charges.
Earthquakes are among the most powerful and terrifying events on earth. Unfortunately for thousands of years they have been a common occurrence in Peru and the area of Lima. We never know when and where to expect the next earthquake, so be prepared and aware on what to do.

Jorge Basadre Grohmann (1903 -1980)

Personalities & Founders
Jorge Basadre Grohmann is one of the most notable Peruvian historians. As a professor, researcher and publicist Jorge Basadre opened a new page in the view of history, introducing innovative methods and perspectives. His main focus and dedication was always the Peruvian Republican history. Basadre left us many significant publications.
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In 2006 we created LimaEasy just a few months after arriving in the Peruvian capital in a time when there wasn’t much detailed and especially up-to-date info in English about the city around. Within the following 8 years we made LimaEasy with lots of love and passion a household name and tremendo...