Earthquakes in Peru – Why they occur and how to stay safe

Earthquakes in Peru

Travel Tips and Safety Advice – Part 7

Part 7

For thousands of years earthquakes are a common occurrence in Peru. Most travelers and newcomers forget about considering this omnipresent safety risk or repress the potential danger as really strong and devastating tremors are rare.

However, while Peru experiences hundreds, in same years even thousands of micro, minor and light (on the Richter scale from 1.0 to 4.9) earthquakes each year that cause zero to minimal damage and people rarely notice, moderate (on the Richter scale 5.0 – 5.9) and strong (on the Richter scale 6.0 – 6.9) earthquakes occur regularly and can already cause depending on several factors such as earthquake depth, epicenter location, population density and structure design, slight to moderate damages, injuries, rarely deaths and disruptions. And yes, major (on the Richter scale 7.0 – 7.9) or great (on the Richter scale 8.0 – 8.9) earthquakes are rare and only happen in Peru once or twice in a century.

Nevertheless, to this day we can't predict earthquakes. There are no fixed pattern and no logic in when and where to expect the next one and how bad it will be. And even a “smaller” shaking can be a terrifying experience and can pose a risk.

So, as earthquakes are additionally an absolutely uncontrollable natural event, the only thing we can do is be aware of the danger potential and especially be prepared.

As this is such an important and complex topic which would go beyond the scope of this Safety, Security & Travel Advice series, we dedicated a whole category to earthquakes. Next to a list of historical earthquakes you find there our extensive article “Earthquakes in Peru - Why? & What to do?” explaining in detail

  • Why Earthquakes occur in Peru
  • What happens during an Earthquake
  • What to do before an Earthquake
  • What to do during an Earthquake
  • What to do after an Earthquake

Please take the time to read through this article. We deeply hope that the information provided there prepares you well and keeps you safe during the next tremor in Peru.

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