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A lot of hard work has gone into "LimaEasy" and it is so rewarding to get feedback from our visitors commenting on the content. As a sign of our appreciation we would like to share the most recent ones with you!

I am glad you have this website
I am glad you have this website. I have found it very difficult to plan some of my trip once I came to Lima until I found your website.Thank you and I hope it continues to grow and the word spreads out about you. Thank you again.
Carol B.
Thank you!
Thank you so much for your help. Your help motivates me to visit/ travel to Peru which I am planning in next year.
I just want to thank you for creating this website. I'm doing a research paper about Peru and it's growing economy and It helped me a lot. It's interesting and easy to navigate. I love the pics. Thx.
Great Site!
We will be in Peru middle of April. This may be the best, most helpful, informative and easy to use travel web site I have ever seen. Great Job.
Tripadvisor (various comments)
  • Great website for Lima info -- LimaEasy! I was googling some Lima information when I came upon this website. There is tons of great information found here on this non-commercial site. Hope it helps with everyone's travel planning.
  • I have been recommending that website for years here on the forum.
  • limaeasy is fantastic. a friend of mine found it when i was planning my trip this time last year. wonderful resource.
  • Probably not many people care enough about visiting Lima, but is great whether you are visiting for the first time or the fifth...
readhead47, mlgb, philside92
Parabéns pelo site. É o site mais completo e de fácil navegação que já conheci. Sensacional. Ótimo trabalho!
I love your guide, I think is more complete that any other guides you will find in Spanish... I love taking tourist out (I received a lot of friends and relatives from abroad all year around) and your guide is very good to help me have complete information about the places to visit...
Ana Paula
Thank you
Thank you so much for your time and advice. You are a real ambassador and must be a lovely person. We will consider all of this. Have a lovely Christmas.
My colleague just mentioned your site, so I decided to take a look. I am very impressed. It is probably the best collection of information on Lima I have ever seen.
Peruvian Food
I really enjoy your web site! It brings back memories of my three years in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru. During those three years, I had the honor of eating many local and national foods. I even ate off go the kiosks on the streets which I was told not to do. How can one help oneself when there was so much good-looking food out there!
To Whom It May Concern
First of all congratulations for your website! I have read many useful and interesting facts and information on Peru on your web-page. I wish good luck and patience for your team to keep up with the good work.
Great site! I will referrer my friends to your page. Thanks!
Thank you...
Hello, Great website. A lot of helpful information. Flying to Peru in a couple of days. Thank you.

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