Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages

When talking about Peruvian drinks, the first that comes to mind is the Pisco, Peru's National Drink; Pisco Sour is a typical cocktail to welcome guests or start a Peruvian meal. But there are many other options: Peru produces some very good, mostly red wines and delicious beers. And for all non-alcoholics try Chicha Morada or Peruvian Limonada and be prepared for Peru's very sweet soft drinks.

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Peruvian Pisco Sour

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Peru’s national drink and most popular cocktail is surely the famous Pisco Sour. It is the welcome drink in Peru and served for literally any occasion.


Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Pisco (full name: Aguardiente de Pisco) is Peru's national drink and the pride and joy of every Peruvian. Pisco is a Peruvian grape brandy with an alcohol content of 38% and 48%.

Peruvian Chilcano (Chilcanito) Cocktail

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Chilcano, or also known as Chilcanito, is one of the most popular long drinks in Peru - and my personal favorite. It is based on Peru’s national drink, the Pisco, a grape brandy, which is the pride...

Limonada Peruana

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Lemonade surely isn’t unique Peruvian. However, the Peruvian version, the Limonada peruana, is so different from the taste which we associate with a good lemonade, you should really try it if you h...

Chicha Morada

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
For thousands of years ancient cultures high in the Peruvian Andes produced a refreshing, fruity and healthy (at least if you go easy on the sugar) non-alcoholic drink called Chicha Morada that wit...


Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Peruvian Emoliente is an herbal tea popular with young and old, poor and rich, especially in the cold winter months. Sold by street vendors around the country at corners, bus stops or parks and pla...


Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
A Cremolada is something between an ice cream and a flavorful fruit drink; comparable to slush, but made with lots of fresh fruit pulp, water and sugar. Often served in a large plastic cup, it's ea...

Peruvian Leche de Tigre

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
In the original sense, Leche de Tigre (meaning Tiger’s Milk), is the marinating liquid left on the plate after having finished a Ceviche, Peru’s famous appetizer which impresses with its simplicity...

Inca Kola

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Inca Kola is Peru’s most popular soft drink and, if we believe the advertisement, "El sabor del Peru" (The taste of Peru). A must try for every visitor or newbie in Peru.

Kola Inglesa

Typical Peruvian Drinks & Beverages
Kola Inglesa (English Kola) is the seconded oldest soft drink created and produced in Peru. Introduced to the Peruvian market in 1912 by the beverage producer Manuel A. Ventura from La Victoria, Li...
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