The "Preferential Tourism Corridor" from Lima's Airport to your Accommodation

Unfortunately attacks on taxis and robberies on the way from Lima's airport to the hotels in San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco aren't unheard of. To tackle this problem and guarantee more safety and security for tourists visiting Lima, the new "Preferential Tourism Corridor" (Corredor turistico preferencial) from the airport to the main tourist districts and back was inaugurated.

The joint venture of the national police PNP, the municipal police forces of the involved districts called Serenazgo and the Tourism Police ensures that visitors arriving at or leaving from Lima's international airport Jorge Chavez can feel safe in Lima. The route from the airport to the tourism districts along Av. Faucett, Av. La Marina, Av. Pershing, Av. Javier Prado Oeste, Av. Paseo de la Republica and Av. Benavides is constantly monitored with numerous security cameras along the way and high tech equipment at the Tourism Police's headquarter. Additionally 14 new 4x4 Pick-ups of the Tourism Police painted green and white and vehicles of the national and municipal patrol the route 24/7.

In case of an emergency tourists from now on can call the toll-free telephone number 0800 – 22221 from their cellphone to get in contact with the Tourism Police where bilingual officers assist you 24/7. Additional a new Tourism Police Peru app is available that can be downloaded with any mobile operating system or the QR code on the information banners at the airport to any smartphone or tablet.

And finally after many delays a new Tourism Police office was inaugurated at Lima's airport that not any helps and assists tourists in case of need but also informs about common scams.

Stay safe and enjoy your stay!