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Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied and best in the world. It's a reflection of its three main geographical zones, the coast, the Andean highlands and the jungle, and an incorporation of influences from different times and immigrant cultures. While the Peruvian cuisine only is recognized internationally in the last few years, food and its preparation is one important part of the Peruvian culture and a very personal way to express the Peruvian identity.

Today the Peruvian cuisine combines Pre-Inca and Inca staples and food with the Spanish, Basque, African, Asian and French, Italian and British cuisine which immigrants brought with them; a unique fusion of the culture, traditions and flavors of four continents in which all parts coexist or melt in harmony and even enrich another. Next to foreign influences and ethnic diversity the Peruvian cuisine is also characterized by Peru's unique climates and landscapes. Each region and each town has its own local cuisine and culinary treasures, depending on geography and climate that provide different ingredients native to each area.

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Peruvian Tiradito

Typical Peruvian Starter & Appetizer
Peruvian Tiradito, one of the most popular and characteristic Japanese-Peruvian fusion dishes, represents like no other the unique combination of different cultures, traditions and flavors that is so characteristic for today’s Peruvian cuisine.


Typical Peruvian Main Courses
Jalea surely is the most delicious and most popular deep-fried fish and seafood dish in Peru and one of the signature dishes of Peru’s northern coastal regions such as Lambayeque and Piura. As so many other Peruvian dishes it seems simple, but don’t be deceived. Jalea is absolutely scrumptious, full of Peruvian flavors, and exactly the right lig...

Sanguche de Chicharron

Typical Peruvian Sandwiches
The Chicharrón Sandwich is Lima's number one sanguche. Chicharrón is fried pork shoulder or pork belly boiled in a flavorful broth and, accompanied with camote, a popular breakfast treat. Even though the Chicharrón Sandwich is as well a favored breakfast food, it's eaten all day long.

Hierba Buena (Menta)

Common Herbs in the Peruvian Cuisine
Hierba Buena (translated meaning “good herb”), also known in Peru as yerbabuena or hierbabuena, refers to various related mint species, which vary from region to region. While it has its uses in the Peruvian cuisine, Hierba Buena is essential in any Peruvian home for its medicinal properties.


Grains, Coffees, Crops, Beans & Nuts of Peru
Kiwicha is native to the high Peruvian Andes. Also known as Amaranth, Kiwicha is an ancient crop cultivated for thousands of years by numerous cultures including the Incas. Kiwicha seeds are slightly bigger than poppy seeds and very flavorful.

(Aji) Rocoto

Peruvian Aji - Chili Peppers
Rocotos look a little like a small version of a bell pepper. But be careful, these peppers are extremely hot!


Typical Peruvian Vegetables
The Camote is distantly related to the potato and its English name is "Sweet Potato". As engravings and paintings on Moche ceramics proof the Camote is part of the Peruvian cuisine for nearly two thousand years. Today we know over 2000 varieties of sweet potatoes.


Typical Peruvian Vegetables
The Avocado has a long history of cultivation in Peru. One of the oldest findings regarding Paltas in the country were made in the pre-Incan city of Chan-Chan. In Peru mainly a green type of Avocado is produced which is native to the country.


Typical Peruvian Fruits
Chirimoya or Cherimoya, in English also known as Custard Apples, are native to the Andean highlands of Peru. The Chirimoya looks like no other fruit; it’s heart-shaped with rough-textured but thin skin which varies from a yellow-green to a dark green.

Tres Leches

Typical Peruvian Desserts
Peru’s celebrated cuisine is not only about famous chefs, outstanding dishes or the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, but as well about the often-forgotten sweet little temptations. One of these in the country highly popular sweet treats is Tres Leches, meaning Three Milks.
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