Typical Peruvian Soups

Around the world soup is the ultimate comfort food. It makes us feel home, nourishes, revitalizes, strengthens, warms and just makes us better. In Peru it is even more than this; it's part of the Peruvian culinary history and tradition. They eat soup at home as the main dish, in some areas as breakfast or as delicious starter.

We assume that there are around 2000 different soups in Peru. This variety reflects the rich biodiversity of Peru with its three main geographical zones (the coast, the Andean highland and the jungle) and the fusion of influences from different times and immigrant cultures. As in the whole Peruvian cuisine, each region has its own native or adapted ingredients using it for distinct soups.

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Sopa Criolla - Sopa a la Minuta

Typical Peruvian Soups
Is Sopa Criolla and Sopa a la Minuta the same soup? Or two different soups with the same base? As even Peruvian chefs seem unable to agree on this topic, we couldn't find out and really don't want ...

Aguadito de Pollo

Typical Peruvian Soups
Aguadito de Pollo, a delicious, hearty and spicy chicken soup, can probably be named Peru's national soup. Served around the country, this traditional soup contains large pieces of chicken, yellow ...

Chupe de Camarones

Typical Peruvian Soups
Being the pride and joy of every Arequipeño, Chupe de Camarones is a popular soup not only in the Arequipa region in southern Peru but also along the central and southern Perruvian coast.

Sancochado - Timpu - Puchero

Typical Peruvian Soups
Known in Lima as sancochado, in Cusco as timpu and in Arequipa as puchero, this hearty soup was already prepared in pre-Hispanic times and later influenced by the Madrilenian cuisine that came to P...


Typical Peruvian Soups
As the name already suggests the Peruvian Menestrón is an adaption of the Italian Minestrone which came to Peru with the first Italian immigrants. Over time the preparation and ingredients of this ...


Typical Peruvian Soups
Shambar is a traditional soup of the Trujillo region in northern Peru and the result of the fusion of Andean, Criollo and Spanish cooking techniques, ingredients and seasoning.

Sopa de Quinua

Typical Peruvian Soups
Originating in the Peruvian Andes Quinoa Soup is full of valuable nutrients and easy to digest. It's a soothing and hearty treat reflecting the life and needs in the mountains.


Typical Peruvian Soups
Originated in the Peruvian jungle regions of Ucayali, San Martin and Loreto this traditional, creamy chowder is prepared with chicken, roasted peanuts, onions, garlic, cilantro and yuca (cassava).
8 results - showing 1 - 8

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