Typical Peruvian Sandwiches

We can find a sandwich around the world—but a sanguche (or sanguich, sanduche, sanduich) is typical Peruvian. No doubt, sanguches are an everyday, but loved part of the Peruvian gastronomy. Peruvians have a sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in between, before going out or at the end of a long night, actually any time. A Peruvian sandwich comes in countless shapes and flavors, seems to be deceptively simple, but always tastes of Peru.

The combination of crispy and juicy local ingredients with Peruvian salsas and flavors is just sensational and makes a Peruvian sandwich so special. So stop at one of the many sangucherias when you are in Peru and have a typical Peruvian sandwich; surely an unforgettable experience of the Peruvian cuisine you really shouldn't miss.

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Triple Sandwich

Typical Peruvian Sandwiches
Triple Sandwiches are part of the everyday Peruvian culinary culture. Simple and healthy (at least if you go easy on the mayonnaise or skip it completely) Triples are eaten everywhere by everyone. Served cut into finger food sized triangles, they are great for a light lunch or in between and no private celebration goes without them.


Typical Peruvian Sandwiches
Most will probably associate Butifarra with Catalonia's famous sausage. But in Peru a Butifarra is also probably the most traditional sandwich.

Sanguche de Chicharron

Typical Peruvian Sandwiches
The Chicharrón Sandwich is Lima's number one sanguche. Chicharrón, chunks of fried pork shoulder or pork belly boiled in a flavorful broth accompanied with camote is a popular breakfast treat. Even though the Chicharrón Sandwich is as well a favored breakfast food it's eaten all day long.
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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