Peruvian Butifarra


Peruvian Country Ham Sandwich

Most will probably associate Butifarra with Catalonia's famous sausage. But in Peru a Butifarra is also probably the most traditional sandwich.

Presumably first sold during bullfights in early Republican Lima, today Butifarras are part of the culinary culture and sold in every sangucheria and from food carts all over the city.

The key ingredient for the popular Peruvian Butifarra sandwich is the typical "jamon del país", a special Peruvian country-style ham made by boiling a boned pork leg in a flavorful broth. And while the quality of the ham makes a good Butifarra, the rest seems rather unexciting. But don't be deceived.

The combination of a crispy bun filled with the flavorful ham and topped with Peru's typical Salsa Criolla, is surely simple, but absolutely delicious and typical Peruvian.

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