Limon Peruano

Limon PeruanoLimon Peruano
Peruvian Lime

Limon Peruano
Limon Peruano

The Peruvian lime is only around 3 to 4 cm, has a yellow to dark green skin and a light green inside. The key lime might be the closest lime variety to the Limon Peruano. But the Peruvian Lime is highly acidic, extremely sour and has an incomparable, distinct and strong flavor. Limon Peruano is one of the key ingredients in Peruvian cuisine.

It's used to "cook" the raw fish in Peru's national dish Ceviche, a main ingredient in Peru's national drink Pisco Sour, part of numerous salsas and gives many typical Peruvian dishes their unique flavor.

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