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Peru from 1930 to 1968

Political History of Peru
After President Augusto B. Leguía settled the Tacna-Arica dispute with Chile in 1929 resulting in the Peruvian loss of Arica and angering extreme nationalists, and with the Great Depression in full swing draining foreign investment from Peru, his eleven-year dictatorship ended with being removed from office in a military coup.

Health and Medical Care in Peru

Safety, Security & Travel Advice Series Peru
Falling ill on vacation is a real downer and getting sick in a foreign country might be a frightening experience. Therefore, a little bit of pre-travel health preparation and knowing the medical situation might be wise to stay well and fit during your stay in Peru. To help you prepare your Peru stay - be it shorter or longer - we compiled some g...
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Casino La Hacienda Newport

Casinos & Gambling in Peru
Since 2016 the Hacienda Casino moved out of the permises of the La Hacienda Hotel in Miraflores and now operates under the name La Hacienda Newport. It offers around 400 slots and video gaming machines with progressive jackpot games.


Peruvian Organizations, Institutions & Associations
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) aiming at promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in education, the sciences, and culture.
In 2007 two powerful earthquakes shock the area south of Lima at 06.40 pm and 06.42 pm. The epicenters were located 150 km south of Lima. The magnitude 7.9 and 8.2 tremors overlapped and lasted together nearly two minutes. The Ica region was hit hardest, with 70% of the city of Pisco leveled to the ground, the city of Ica, Chincha and villages i...
Created in 1983, the Peruvian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit institution encouraging commercial exchange between Peru and Argentina.


Supporting Institutions
Devida is Peru's National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs.

Clinica Javier Prado

International Hospitals
Clinica Javier Prado is a good private clinic in San Isidro, Lima with a professional service, qualified doctors and latest medical equipment.

Plan Vital

Ambulances & Services
Plan Vital, operated by the VitalGrupo, offers private ambulance and emergency services as well as patients transfers and online or at home consultations on the highest level.


Homeopathic & Alternative Medicine
Kaita offers a wide range of natural products and nutrional supplements for health and beauty. The company is dedicated to carry on the long tradition of using medical plants in Peru strenghtening the body and healing illnesses.
497 results - showing 141 - 150
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