Travel Permit (Permiso Especial de Viaje / Autorización de Estadía fuera del País - AEP)

Travel Permit (Permiso Especial de Viaje / Autorización de Estadía fuera del País - AEP)

Foreigners leaving Peru during the approval process of their visa (extension) need a special travel permit

Foreigners in Peru who applied for a visa - correctly who applied for a change of their immigration status (cambio de calidad migratoria) or a change of their visa type (cambio de clase de visa) - as well as those who applied for an extension of their residence visa can only leave the country during the processing time of their application with a special travel permit (Permiso especial de viaje, officially as well called Autorización de estadía fuera del país).

While for years those that had to or wanted to travel outside Peru during the processing time of their application had to pay the Migraciones office a visit to apply for the permit in person before their travel, in March 2018 the application process was simplified and now can be easily done online.

So, if the approval of your visa or of the extension of your residence visa is still in process and you have or want to leave the country, first pay S/ 29.90 for the administrative procedure "Formulario PA-Autoriz./Permisos y control migratorio"" under code 07562 with concepto "Autorizacion por estadia afuera del pais por treinta (30) dias" at any branch of the Banco de la Nacion or on pagalo.pe. Keep the receipt safe!

You can find detailed explanations on how to pay, what you have to do and be aware of, how to register on the online payment platform pagalo.pe in our article "Paying administration charges and processing fees in Peru".

Then open the Migraciones Agencia Virtual. Choose "Extranjero" and enter the data requested. Enter your personal data exactly as in your passport. On the next page you find under "Permisos" the point "Especial de viaje". Then follow the steps as indicated. Have your flight ticket on hand as you might be asked to upload it and the receipt from the bank as you must enter some data from it - if you don't know where to find the requested numbers on your receipt, click on the question mark. At the end of the process, you either directly get the travel authorization or first a confirmation of your application and usually within 48 - 72h later the authorization is sent to you. Either way, download the documents and / or print them and keep them safe! 

Migraciones suggests applying for the travel permit 48 - 72h before you travel outside the country.

The Permiso especial de viaje / Autorización de estadía fuera del país is valid for 30 days counted from the departure date you indicated and can’t be extended. If you stay outside the country longer, the application of your visa or visa extension is canceled.

Be aware as well that the travel permit must be applied for before (!) your travel and only entitles the applicant to one (!) exit and re-entry.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dario · 11/04/2022
    Will they let me leave Peru if I get the travel permit but my carnet de extranjeria is expired? My passport is still valid by the way
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 11/04/2022
      @Dario Hello Dario,

      you only get the travel permit, if you applied for the extension of your resident visa or for a new carné (two different things!) and your application is in process, but you need to travel during the processing time. So, if your visa/carné is expired, you applied for an extension and are waiting for the approval, only then can you apply for the travel permit to leave the country.

      If you haven't applied for an extension yet and your resident visa or carné is expired, you can leave Peru. However, you will lose your residency and you might be asked to pay a fine for not extending your residency on time; in 2022, the fine is S/ 46 per day since your residency expired.

      In case your residency is expired for some time, then it's getting really expensive. So, personally, I would contact Migraciones and see if there are any options to leave the country without paying or to try arranging a deal.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hatim · 08/02/2022
    Will the travel permit be enough for me to board on my return flight to Peru or do I need to apply for another visa as well?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 08/02/2022
      Hello Hatim,

      I don't really understand your question. Do you have to leave Peru during the processing time of your resident visa application or the extension of your resident visa?

      If you are already a resident and are in the process of getting the extension, then you still have your valid carné and can additionally to the travel permit, if necessary, show a copy of your tramite. This should be sufficient to be let on the plane.

      If you are in the process of applying for a resident visa for the first time, you actually have nothing to show except the travel permit and your tramite. So, while I highly advise against leaving the country during that time, I don't know what the airline will make of it. Personally, I think the travel permit should be enough, but to make sure I would ask the airline you are flying back to Peru what you have to expect when checking in and if the document is enough to board the plane. Re-entering Peru surely isn't a problem.

      And no, you can't apply for another visa while applying for a resident visa.

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Hatim · 08/02/2022
      @Sunflower Thank you Eva!

      Yes I am in the process of applying for a resident visa for the first time. I have to leave Peru for an emergency in my country. I would have preferred not to as you mentioned... But I need to leave. I'm coming back after 28 days so that should be fine to re-enter here with the permit. My question was if the permit is accepted as a valid document to board the plane when I'm coming back, just like a visa would be.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • LimaEasy
      · 08/02/2022
      @Hatim This is a question you should ask the airline, as they are the only ones who can answer it according to their policies. I personally think (!!!), yes the travel permit should be enough, but who knows. Better have something in writing from the airline so in case they give you trouble when you are checking in just with your travel permit, you can show something from the airline as well. 

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