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Experiencing any type of big or small emergency while visiting a foreign country can be quite stressful and sometimes even scary. But there is no need to panic if you get mugged or robbed, need emergency medical attention, become unexpectedly sick and have to consult or even stay in a hospital or just need a special medicine during your stay in Peru. Even if you won't expect it in a "3rd World Country", here in Peru you will find exemplary services and professionals. Be aware that the further you get away from Lima, the choices will be fairly limited!

Our listing of emergency numbers and contact details for the tourist police and police stations, for good ambulance services, for pharmacies including places where to find homeopathic and natural medicine, for recommended hospitals and various institutions giving you support, will help you find the right service in case you need it. Hopefully, you won't need any of them, but it's always better to be prepared.

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Homeopathic & Alternative Medicine
Kaita offers a wide range of natural products and nutrional supplements for health and beauty. The company is dedicated to carry on the long tradition of using medical plants in Peru strenghtening the body and healing illnesses.


Supporting Institutions
The Information and Education Center for the Prevention of Drug Abuse (CEDRO) is a private Peruvian non-profit organization created in 1986.

Clinica Ricardo Palma

International Hospitals
Clinica Ricardo Palma is an excellent private clinic with great doctors, professional staff and modern equipment.

Alerta Medica del Sur (Arequipa)

Ambulances & Services
Alerta Medica, the largest private provider of emergency services in Lima, offers their excellent services as well in and around Arequipa 24/7.

Via Libre

Supporting Institutions
The Via Libre organization was established in Lima in 1990 at the initiative of six health professionals dedicated to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS and other STIs in Peru reducing or trying to eliminate the individual, community and social impact of these diseases in the country.

Clinica San Borja

International Hospitals
Sanna - Clinica San Borja is a good private clinic for all your emergency and general medical needs in San Isidro.


Supporting Institutions
Demus is a Peruvian feminist organization that defends human rights, in particular the sexual and reproductive rights of women, promoting their free exercise and questioning the hegemonic cultural paradigm on women and their sexuality.

Clinica Maison de Sante del Sur

International Hospitals
Clinica Maison de Sante is a good private clinic for your general medical needs with 3 branches in Lima.

Manuela Ramos Movement

Supporting Institutions
The Movement Manuela Ramos is a Peruvian non-profit feminist organization that has been operating since 1978 with the main aim to improve the situation and position of women in Lima, Peru.

Clinica Stella Maris

International Hospitals
The Clinica Stella Maris is a good clinic for all your emergency and general medical needs in Pueblo Libre.
50 results - showing 31 - 40
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