Districts of Lima & Callao

Lima is not just the name of the capital of Peru. The district of Lima where the historical city center is located is called Lima. The surrounding region is called Lima. And to make it a bit more complicated, Lima is also the name of the Province, located in the Department of Lima.

Today Lima forms the region 'Lima Metropolitana'. They divide it into 43 districts (distritos). Thirty of these districts belong geographically to the city of Lima, and each has its own flair, charm and character. Thirteen of Lima's districts are surrounding the core of the urban area and are located outside of Lima in more rural zones. The province of Callao counts with 6 districts that officially belong to the Lima Metropolitan area.

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The District Chosica - Lurigancho

Districts of Lima & Callao
The District Lurigancho – Chosica is east of the city center in the valley of the River Rimac and is the second largest district of Lima. It's "capital" is Chosica. Since the Trans-Andean railroad was built in the 19th century Chosica was a fashionable place for resting and partaking in leisure activities.

The District Cieneguilla

Districts of Lima & Callao
The district of Cieneguilla was formerly a part of the district Pachacamac and officially created as independent district on the 3rd of March 1970. It is located just around 25 km to the east of Lima. Due to its spring like climate and sun throughout the year the small and lovely town of Cieneguilla and the whole district is a popular weekend de...

The District Comas

Districts of Lima & Callao
Comas is a district situated in the Northern Cone of Lima just around 11 km from the city center. With over 10,000 people living on a square km it is densely populated. The area was already inhabited long before the arrival of the Spaniards. Many small, unfortunately not excavated archeological sites are evidence for these early settlements. Com...

The District El Agustino

Districts of Lima & Callao
The district of El Agustino is located directly east of the district Lima. Until 1925 the area belonged to José Enrique de la Riva Agüero and housed one of Lima's many haciendas cultivating fruits, vegetables and flowers. After his death parts of the ground were leased and sold, later the area was divided into zones giving Lima's growing populat...

The District Independencia

Districts of Lima & Callao
The district of Independencia is located north of Lima's city center. In the last years Independencia developed into the economical center of the Northern Cone of Lima. Commercial Centers like the Mega Plaza Norte and the Plaza Norte offer everything Lima's new middle-class can dream of: restaurants, cinemas, gyms, department stores, supermarket...

The District Jesús María

Districts of Lima & Callao
Jesús María is south west of Lima's city center. Today it's a lower-middle to upper-middle class, high density district with top rankings in the Human Development Index. Unfortunately like in Miraflores and San Isidro many of the beautiful colonial mansions are being replaced by high-rise apartment buildings.

The District La Molina

Districts of Lima & Callao
La Molina is east of Lima's city center. It's a mid to upper class residential district with numerous Peruvian celebrities and politicians living there. Catering perfectly for its wealthy citizens La Molina offers more tranquility and peace than most other districts, more sunny days throughout the year, lots of green areas, classy houses, fancy ...

The District La Perla

Districts of Lima & Callao
La Perla is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. It is located directly at the Pacific Ocean, south of Callao downtown. The ancient inhabitants of today's district of La Perla belonged to the Curacazgo of Maranga. This highly advanced culture built impressive structures in the Lima area. In La Perla they erect...

The District La Punta

Districts of Lima & Callao
La Punta is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. It is located on a peninsula in the western part of the province and is almost entirely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, except on its eastern side, where it is bordered by Callao downtown. The first inhabitants of La Punta were fishermen.

The District La Victoria

Districts of Lima & Callao
La Victoria and the district of Lima merge into another. La Victoria developed when at the end of the 19th century the hacienda "La Victoria" with its huge properties was divided into lots and urbanized. La Victoria became a working and lower middle class district. Today in spite its bad reputation of being a dangerous district, La Victoria has ...
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