La Perla

The District La Perla

Municipalidad de La Perla

Av. Victor Haya Torre / Calle J.J. Pardo
  • La Perla
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Callao 4

La Perla is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. It is located directly at the Pacific Ocean, south of Callao downtown. The ancient inhabitants of today's district of La Perla belonged to the Curacazgo of Maranga. This highly advanced culture built impressive structures in the Lima area. In La Perla they erected a small wall parallel to the Pacific Ocean.

This wall belonged to a road connecting what we know today as Callao and Surco. The "Callejon Maranga" (small road of Maranga) was already in these ancient times used for commercial trade. Along this path several "huacas" (Adobe Pyramids) existed.

For many hundred years the population of La Perla lived mainly from fishing and agriculture. With the devastating earthquake and the tidal wave from 1746 La Perla's indigenous habitants disappeared. The area only got inhabited slowly again. During Republican times great summer residences arose near the Pacific Ocean and La Perla became one of Limas spas visited especially in the summer month by the Limeñan bourgeoisie. But La Perla kept its rural character. Life was quite and calm.

On the 21th of October 1964 La Perla was officially established as district of the Constitutional Province of Callao. Since then the district developed more and more into an urban and commercial zone. Nevertheless La Perla is still a place of tranquility and with lots of fresh air, at least in comparison with Lima and welcomes many visitors during the summer month.

Places to visit & attractions in La Perla

Museo Memoria Coronel Leoncio Prado

(Colegio Leoncio Prado, Av. Costanera 1545, La Perla, Callao)

The museum, located inside the Military School "Leoncio Prado", is dedicated to Leoncio Prado, a man who fought his lifetime against Spanish oppression. It shows photos, paintings, flags and personal belongings of the national hero Coronel Leoncio Prado. You can find more info about it on our museums pages.


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