El Agustino, Lima

The District El Agustino

Municipalidad de El Agustino

Av. Riva Agüero 1358
  • El Agustino
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Lima 10

The district of El Agustino is located directly east of the district Lima. Until 1925 the area belonged to José Enrique de la Riva Agüero and housed one of Lima's many haciendas cultivating fruits, vegetables and flowers. After his death parts of the ground were leased and sold, later the area was divided into zones giving Lima's growing population space to live on.

From the beginning of the mid 1950s until the 1980s El Agustino like whole Lima had to cope with thousands of migrant families from the Peruvian highlands. The district became one of Lima's poorest and most populous districts with over 14,000 people living on a square km.

Today in El Agustino the municipality and many aid organizations are trying to improve the living conditions and to develop the district.


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