Peruvian Maiz Morado

Maiz Morado

Purple Corn

Maiz Morado is another corn variety cultivated in the Peruvian Andes since ancient times and once has been a staple of the Incan empire.

Easy to identify by its deep purple color Maiz Morado is the main ingredient in Peru’s non alcoholic national drink, the Chicha Morada and a famous dessert, the Mazamorra Morada.

Health benefits of Mais morado

Purple Corn is a great antioxidant.

The Peruvian purple corn has one of the highest contents of anthocyanins, powerful pigments that give the kernels their color and have shown antioxidant properties.

Even though only proven in virto (there are no substantial clinical trials until now), the anthocyanins in purple corn improve blood circulation, lower the blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce cholesterol. They help fight diabetes and obesity.

Additionally, anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties, encourage connective tissue regeneration, promote collagen formation and decrease chances of developing serious eye diseases.

The other ingredients of Chicha Morada enhance and complement the effects of the purple corn with similar and related properties.

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