Mother’s Day in Peru - Dia de Madre

Mother’s Day in Peru

Celebrated in Peru every Second Sunday in May

Second Sunday in May

Mother’s Day in Peru is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Over 90% of Peruvians celebrate Mother’s Day; and they are extremely enthusiastic about honoring and praising their moms dedicating themselves to make this day extra special.

Already during the week before Mother’s Day, lots of companies invite to lunch or dinner celebrating the moms. Kindergarten and schools treat moms as well with an invitation, where the kids' present shows and little handmade gifts showing their moms their love and appreciation.

There are concerts, shows, and performances throughout Peru to honor mothers. Shops have special Mother’s Day discounts encouraging Peruvians to make this day extra special by purchasing a great present and spend more than most can afford.

On Mother’s Day itself, moms are showered in flowers, cards, chocolates, smaller and as well bigger gifts. Surprise visits and parties are organized for them and they are taken out for a walk, for recreational activities and to restaurants; all to make mom feel special and celebrated at least for this one day. In order to honor mothers on their day, municipalities in Peru as well offer a series of activities.

While all the above mentioned is quite similar to celebrations around the globe, even though probably a little more over the top, one additional Peruvian Mother’s Day tradition might seem strange at first glance: On Mother’s Day Peruvian families come together at cemeteries. They clean and then decorate the grave of their deceased mother, grandmother, wife, sister or aunt with flowers, balloons or small hearts. Afterwards they have some food and drink in front of the grave honoring their already dead mothers this way.

If you want to join the Peruvian way of celebrating Mother’s Day, plan ahead and get creative. Restaurants are booked out weeks in advance and even public places, where you usually can have an enjoyable time, are overrun by people wanting to celebrate and honor their moms.

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