Day of the Andean Song – Día de la Canción Andina

Day of the Andean Song – Día de la Canción Andina

15 June

Since 2006 Peru pays homage to Andean music by celebrating the Día de la Canción Andina, the Day of Andean Song each year on June 15.

The Andean music is a fundamental part of Peruvian culture and history, expressing the thoughts and feelings of the Andean people as being part of a great nation with a huge heritage. The songs are sad and happy, grateful and rich, sometimes intense and diverse.

Since ancient times, each community has a different way of musical expression, thus the variety of Andean music. Most familiar music styles of Andean music are the huayno, the wifala, the kashua and the chuta chutay.

Today, Andean music is extremely popular. Mixed with new musical elements, while maintaining its authenticity and old traditions, it invites to remember great civilizations, the good old times and to celebrate the diversity of Peruvian culture.

On June 15 and around the date usually bigger and smaller concerts are organized in Lima with musicians from the different Andean regions of Peru. Often other activities around Andean music take place in the capital as well.

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