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Peru's economy today reflects like centuries ago its varied geography; the different climate zones facilitate widespread agriculture, the Andes rich in natural resources allow mining and the Pacific Ocean with its waters full of fish makes commercial fishing possible. Economic growth continues to be driven by exports of minerals (mainly gold, copper, zinc), textiles, chemicals, agricultural products (garden produce and fruits), fish-meal, services and by energy projects.

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IGN - National Geographic Institute

Peruvian Organizations, Institutions & Associations
Attached to the Ministry of Defense, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) is in charge of preparing and providing public and private entities with the latest artographic materials.
The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Peru is a non-profit association officially recognized by the Spanish State and created in order to strengthen the development of economic and business relations between Spain and Peru.

Corporate Considerations for Peru

Business Information
In this guide we have collected important additional legal background for the corporate environment in Peru. Before reading this, you should have a good understanding of the "Company & Corporation Types in Peru" that is the second part of our Business & Investment Guide.
Business Series - Part 4

IGP - Peruvian Institute of Geophysics

Peruvian Organizations, Institutions & Associations
Attached to the Ministry of Environment, the Peruvian Institute of Geophysics (IGP) is a public research institution in charge of investigating, monitoring and generating knowledge in the field of geophysics, in order to anticipate and reduce the destructive impact of natural or human-induced hazards.

Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Peru

Chambers of Commerce
Founded in 1979, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Peru is a non-profit organization encouraging and promoting the best conditions for a free market, investment and commercial exchange between Peru and Switzerland.

Senamhi - National Service for Meteorology and Hydrology

Peruvian Organizations, Institutions & Associations
Attached to the Ministry of Environment, Senamhi, the Peruvian National Service for Meteorology and Hydrology, is a public entitity  in charge of collecting, evaluatin and providing meteorological, hydrological and climate information and knowledge to all Peruvians.

IMARPE - Peruvian Institute of the Sea

Peruvian Organizations, Institutions & Associations
Attached to the Ministry of Production, IMARPE, the Peruvian Institute of the Sea, is a technical entity focussed on scientific research of Peru's marine environment and continental waters and ecosystems.

ProInversion - Agency of the Promotion of Investment

Peruvian Organizations, Institutions & Associations
Attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finances, ProInversión is a public entity in charge of executing the national policy for promoting private investment. Its mission is to promote investment via agents in the private sector, in order to boost Peru's competitiveness and sustainable development and thus improve the well-being of the population.
Nearly 95% of Peru's exports are covered by Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) currently in force. This enables Peruvian products to enter, subject to the rules of origin of each trade agreement, under preferential conditions to 53 countries, including Canada, Chile, China, the member countries of the European Union, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Tha...
Business Series - Part 5
PeruCamaras, the National Chamber of Commerce, Production, Tourism and Services, is a non-profit association with national and international presence bringing together national chambers of all sectors as well as a wide range of local businesses, other associations, and legal entities.
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