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Museum of the Peruvian Central Bank in Lima

Museum of the Central Reserve Bank

Museo Banco Central de Reserva

Corner of Jr. Lampa & Jr. Ucayali
  • City Center
City (Peru)
Phone Number
(+511) 613-2000

The Museum of the Central Reserve Bank isn't a museum about money. In 1982 the museum opened its doors to the public with an archaeological, a Republican paintings and a coin collection. But in 2004 the impressive numismatic collection was moved to the newly opened Museo Numismatico.

Today the Central Reserve Bank Museum is home to an astonishing pre-Columbian exhibition, an amazing art gallery, the impressive Hugo Cohen Gold collection and a Folk Art exhibition.

Art Gallery

The art gallery houses works by outstanding Peruvian painters representing all schools and styles, from early republican masters such as Gil de Castro and Pancho Fierro to young contemporary artists. Located on the second floor of the museum and framed by the building's original early 20th century iron structure, the exhibit has become a reference point for those interested in Peruvian art. It includes a small but important selection of religious paintings from the colonial period.

In the exhibits you will find beautiful pieces from different period and artists:

  • Early works: Gil de Castro
  • Social background related: Pancho Fierro
  • Academic: Ignacio Merino, Francisco Laso and Luis Montero
  • New-academic: Daniel Hernández, Teófilo Castillo and Baca Flor
  • Native: José Sabogal, Julia Codesido, Teresa Carvallo and Camilo Blas
  • Independent: Ricardo Grau, Macedonio de la Torre, Adolfo Winternitz, Manuel Ugarte Elespuru
  • Modern: Szyszlo, G. Chávez, Tilsa Tsuchiya, E.Galdos, V. Shinki and others
  • Today's modern: R. Wiesse, J. Pastorelli, Carlos Revilla, Ramiro Llona, José Tola, Enrique Polanco, A.Alayza, Cuco Morales, Miguel Collantes, Iván Huerto, Ferando de la Jara, Bruno Portugués, Paul Zegarra, Efrain Vidal

pre-Columbian Exhibition - The Central Reserve Bank Museum of Peru

The archaeological collection of the Central Reserve Bank Museum contains over 4000 well preserved pieces including pottery, textiles, gold and wooden artefacts from the Vicus, Mochica, Nasca, Lambayeque, Chimu, Chancay, Chavin, and Inca civilizations.

Gold Collection Hugo Cohen - The Central Reserve Bank Museum of Peru

Since 2006 the famous Hugo Cohen gold collection enriches the museum with more than 500 pieces of gold and silver art work (possession of Mr. Roberto Letts Colmenares). The objects of incredible quality contain pieces primarily from the Nasca, Lambayeque and Mochica culture.

The collection is displayed in the banks vault behind the impressive doors of the strong room (just the right setup for these fantastic pieces). You'll be astonished to admire the old craft art of the early gold and silver work, grave masks, tools (such as Tumis) and different decorations and ornaments. 

Folk Art Exhibition - The Central Reserve Bank Museum of Peru

The showroom for folk art was established in August 2004. Here approx. 2,000 exhibits are shown from the possession of Mrs. Nadia Carnero. The pieces in the collection will give you a good overview of the craft works of artists and their different technologies with various materials (wood, silver and gold).

There are very old pieces from the 16th and 17th century, but also newer works which give a good impression about the permanent changes and influences in the folk art. The artists reflect in their pieces traditions and customs of different geographical environments.


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