Districts of Lima & Callao

Lima is not just the name of the capital of Peru. The district of Lima where the historical city center is located is called Lima. The surrounding region is called Lima. And to make it a bit more complicated, Lima is also the name of the Province, located in the Department of Lima.

Today Lima forms the region 'Lima Metropolitana'. They divide it into 43 districts (distritos). Thirty of these districts belong geographically to the city of Lima, and each has its own flair, charm and character. Thirteen of Lima's districts are surrounding the core of the urban area and are located outside of Lima in more rural zones. The province of Callao counts with 6 districts that officially belong to the Lima Metropolitan area.

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The District Lima

Districts of Lima & Callao
Lima is not only the name for the capital of Peru and the province around it but also one of the city's districts is called Lima. The district of Lima is characterized by some very different zones....

The District Lince

Districts of Lima & Callao
Lince is a small district of Lima sandwiched between the district of Lima and San Isidro. Most of us will only drive through Lince on Av. Arequipa on our way from Miraflores to the city center. Lin...

The District Los Olivos

Districts of Lima & Callao
Los Olivos is in the northern Cone of Lima and unofficially named the capital of "Cono Norte". It's one of Lima's most prosperous districts with a steady economical and social upwards trend. You fi...

The District Lurín

Districts of Lima & Callao
The ecological District of Lurín is around 36 km south of the Historic Centre of Lima between km 24 and 42 of the Panamericana Sur (Pan American Highway) and extends to the east along the Lurín Val...

The District Magdalena del Mar

Districts of Lima & Callao
Magdalena del Mar is a seaside district west of Lima's city center. In the early 20th century the area was suppose to develop as a popular spa and resort like neighbouring Miraflores or Chorrillos....

The District Miraflores

Districts of Lima & Callao
Miraflores is without a doubt the most popular place for tourists, visitors, foreign expats and locals (who can afford it) to find accommodation, go shopping, have a good meal, relax in a nice café...

The District Pachacamac

Districts of Lima & Callao
The district of Pachacamac is around 30 km south of Lima's city center. The Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac isn't located in the district of Pachacamac, but in neighbouring Lurín. Anyhow there...

The District Pucusana

Districts of Lima & Callao
Pucusana is a pretty, traditional fishing village and even though it’s around 60 km south of Lima it still belongs to the Lima / Callao Metropolitan area (since 1950). The population lives mainly f...

The District Pueblo Libre

Districts of Lima & Callao
Just 4 km from Lima's city center is the district of Pueblo Libre, founded already in 1557 as Magdalena de Vieja. In Colonial and early Republican times an area to rest and leisure of the Limeñan n...

The District Puente Piedra

Districts of Lima & Callao
Puente Piedra (not the Puente de Piedra that connects the Historical City Center with Rimac) is a district of Lima in the Northern Cone. Like the neighbouring districts Comas, Los Olivos and Indepe...
52 results - showing 21 - 30
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