San Pedro Cathedral in Lurin

The District Lurín

Municipalidad de Lurín

Plaza de Armas
  • Lurin
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Lima 16

The ecological District of Lurín is around 36 km south of the Historic Centre of Lima between km 24 and 42 of the Panamericana Sur (Pan American Highway) and extends to the east along the Lurín Valley. The Valle de Lurín is a small basin, which has been able to resist immense urbanization and over-industrialization - at least so far. Lurín itself is a gentle town.

Lurín itself is a gentle town. Lurín's main tourist attraction might be the archaeological complex of Pachacamac. This site is one of the most important religious centers of indigenous people at the coast in pre-Hispanic times. But there is much more to see and do.

Inviting are the beaches San Pedro (km 30 Panamericana Sur) with the two small islands offshore, Arica (km 35 Panamericana Sur) and Los Pulpos (km 41 Panamericana Sur). Also amazing is a drive along the Lurín River into the countryside, a visit to the nice Botanical Garden (Av. Manuel Valle) and very exciting the exhibitions and shows of the unique Peruvian Paso Horse.

Places to visit & attractions in Lurin

Pachacamac Archaeological Complex

The archaeological complex of Pachacamac is located around 40 km south-east of Limas city center in the district of Lurín. The enormous site is very impressive with its great pyramidal temples, dwellings, remains of frescoes decorating the adobe walls and other interesting archaeological constructions built by different cultures. The site was the most important religious center of indigenous people at the coast in pre-Hispanic times. It was the main destination for pilgrims in the costal region and attracted worshippers from all over Peru. The on-site museum displays artifacts discovered at Pachacamac (astonishing ceramics, beautiful textiles and religious pieces) and at the same time explains the history and importance of the Ceremonial Center of Pachacamac to its visitors...

  • San Pedro Beach (km 30 Panamerican Highway - Panamericana Sur)
  • Arica Beach (km 35 Panamerican Highway - Panamericana Sur)
  • Los Pulpos Beach (km 41 Panamerican Highway - Panamericana Sur)
Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Lurín (Av. Manuel Valle)


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