Districts of Lima & Callao

Lima is not just the name of the capital of Peru. The district of Lima where the historical city center is located is called Lima. The surrounding region is called Lima. And to make it a bit more complicated, Lima is also the name of the Province, located in the Department of Lima.

Today Lima forms the region 'Lima Metropolitana'. They divide it into 43 districts (distritos). Thirty of these districts belong geographically to the city of Lima, and each has its own flair, charm and character. Thirteen of Lima's districts are surrounding the core of the urban area and are located outside of Lima in more rural zones. The province of Callao counts with 6 districts that officially belong to the Lima Metropolitan area.

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The District Ancón

Districts of Lima & Callao
Ancón is located 44 km north of the historical Center of Lima and still belongs politically to the Province of Metropolitan Lima. During Colonial times Ancón was known as the "Pueblo de Pescadores ...

The District Ate Vitarte

Districts of Lima & Callao
Ate-Vitarte is located in the central eastern part of the Metropolitan of Lima on the south banks of the Rio Rimac. The district was created shortly after the declaration of independence by General...

The District Barranco

Districts of Lima & Callao
Unfortunately, only a few tourists find their way to the beautiful district of Barranco. Once it was Lima's beach, pleasure and entertainment district for wealthier Limeños (during the colonial and...

The District Bellavista

Districts of Lima & Callao
Bellavista is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. Located south of Callao downtown the district has an almost perfect rectangular shape. As in the whole of the ...

The District Breña

Districts of Lima & Callao
Even being located just around the corner of the historical center of Lima, Breña is one of those districts most visitors will find their way to only by accident. After its official creation in 194...

The District Callao

Districts of Lima & Callao
Callao is one of the six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. So to make it confusing for everyone Callao is not only the name for the old downtown area, but as well for th...

The District Carabayllo

Districts of Lima & Callao
The district of Carabayllo isn't the typical tourist destination. Officially created by Don José de San Martin shortly after independence the district is today one of the poorest in Lima. Only arou...

The District Carmen de la Legua

Districts of Lima & Callao
Carmen de la Legua is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. It is located west of Callao downtown. In antique times, the area known today as Carmen de la Legua wa...

The District Chaclacayo

Districts of Lima & Callao
Only around 27 km away from Lima's hectic city center is the district of Chaclacayo. Chaclacayo is a popular place especially in Lima's foggy winter months with sun and moderate temperatures all ye...

The District Chorrillos

Districts of Lima & Callao
The traditional district of Chorrillos is another not so well known district of Lima for tourists. Once being a small fishing village it developed in Colonial and Republican times to the beach reso...
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