San José Church in Bellavista

The District Bellavista

Municipalidad de Bellavista

Jr. Francisco Bolognesi 498
  • Bellavista
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Callao 2

Bellavista is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. Located south of Callao downtown the district has an almost perfect rectangular shape. As in the whole of the Lima & Callao area the first inhabitants of what we know today as Bellavista were hunters and gatherers that settled down and soon lived from fishing and agriculture.

Long before the arrival of the Incas in the region different highly advanced cultures arose in the Bellavista area that built amazing huacas (Adobe Pyramids), temples and other structures. During Colonial times Bellavista first remained a quiet area were the habitants lived from fishing and agriculture.

After the terrible earthquake and the tidal wave from 1746 (that practically destroyed Callao completely) the Viceroy Jose Tame Antonio de Velasco ordered to build a new town with the characteristics of an aristocratic city. 30 years later the lands of Francisca Figueroa y Zavala, known as the area of the "bella vista" (beautiful view), were chosen and the French architect Luis Godin designed the new city.

Soon Bellavista was famous for its elegant "fincas" like "El Palacio" where the highest aristocracy lodged. In Republican times the district of Bellavista was officially established as part of the Constitutional Province of Callao on the 6th of October 1915.

Places to visit & attractions in Bellavista

Museo de la Compañía de Bomberos Italia No. 5

(Alejandro Granda, Block 3, Bellavista, Callao)

The museum of the famous fire brigade Italia No. 5 is located directly in the still operating fire station of the "Compañía de Bomberos Italia No. 5" in Bellavista, Callao. The museum displays objects related to the history of the station, put together with lots of love and dedication. This museum is an absolute must for all enthusiasts. You can find more info about it on our museums pages.


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