Wetlands of Ventanilla

The District Ventanilla

Municipalidad de Ventanilla

Av. Pedro Beltrán (Av. Los Alamos)
  • Ventanilla
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Callao 6

Ventanilla is one of six districts that make up the Constitutional Province of Callao. Located north of the province it is the largest district of Callao. Ventanilla's first inhabitants were fishermen and peasants living in the valleys of the Rimac and Chillon River. Until the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century various highly advanced cultures inhabited the area.

Archaeologist discovered the oldest "liticos" (stone tools) of the Peruvian coast in this area that date back more than 10,000 years. More proof of that are the amazing archaeological complexes of "El Paraiso" and "Chivateros". During colonial and republican times Ventanilla was barely populated.

Only in the 1960s the "Cuidad Satélite de Ventanilla" (Satellite Town of Ventanilla) was established followed shortly afterwards by the "Cuidad Naval" (Naval Town). Soon residential areas and industrial zones arose around. On the 28th of January 1969 Ventanilla was officially established as district of the Constitutional Province of Callao.

Today the district of Ventanilla is characterized by industrial areas and "pueblos jovenes" (shantytowns). But the district has great potential: Amazing beaches wait to be properly developed, an immense number of (un-) discovered archaeological areas wait to be explored and the "Humedales de Ventanilla", an area consisting of natural lagoons and an amazing flora and fauna, waits for responsible visitors who enjoy the beauty of the area.


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