Habich roundabout in San Martin de Porres, Lima

The District San Martín de Porres

Municipalidad de San Martin de Porres

Av. Alfredo Mendiola 169
  • San Martin de Porres
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Lima 31

San Martín de Porres (SMP) is located in the Cono Norte of Lima (Northern cone). It lies on the north bank of the Rímac River. San Martín de Porres was named after and in honour of the famous Dominic friar San Martín de Porras. The district is among the oldest and best developed of Lima's pueblos jóvenes (young towns).

Today it's mainly a working-class residential area. It contains numerous retail and service establishments and some light industry. The well known and recognized Peruvian University of San Martín de Porres is located in the district.


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