San Bartolo

The District San Bartolo

Municipalidad de San Bartolo

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  • San Bartolo
City (Peru)
Postal Code
Lima 26

San Bartolo is a beautiful seaside resorts south of Lima. Located at around km 52 of the Pan Americana directly on the Pacific Ocean San Bartolo is known for its clean waters, small bays with nice beaches and perfect waves that are ideal for surfers.

San Bartolo has a dry and healthy climate with sunshine nearly 8 months a year and clean air throughout the year.

San Bartolo offers its visitors all kinds of amenities typical for a seaside resort. You find nice hotels and hostels with pools, sporting facilities and conference rooms, inviting restaurants offering characteristic food of the Peruvian coastal region, discotheques, an amazing landscape and of course great places for surfers and all people enjoying water sports.

Facts & Figures about San Bartolo

The district of San Bartolo was officially created on the 5th of May 1946. San Bartolo is located around 52 km south of Lima directly on the Pacific Ocean. The district has an area of 45.01 km². San Bartolo is connected with Lima through the South-Pan-American-Highway.

San Bartolo continues advancing... (Official slogan of the Municipality San Bartolo)

The district of San Bartolo is limited by the district of Punta Negra in the north, by the Province of Huarchiri in the east by the district of Santa Maria del Mar and the Province of Chilca to the south and by the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Places to visit & attractions in San Bartolo

San Bartolo is a nice and popular seaside resort that has a lot to offer, especially for anybody who loves water sports. Fabulous places for surfing fans like "El Peñascal" in the north with great waves and "La Ribera Sur" with rocks and breakwaters make San Bartolo a nice town to go (especially in the summer month). Next to surfing San Bartolo is an ideal place for fishing, boating, water skiing, swift sailing or just swimming (if you like it very cold) and being lazy at the beach. Many hotels and hostels have swimming pools and sporting facilities. The restaurants offer great Peruvian coastal food.

People in San Bartolo are very passionate and love to celebrate. If you are there, celebrate with them; for example "San Pedro and San Pablo" on the 29th of June, when the fishermen of the region render homage to the Saints and carry a statue of San Pedro around town or the festival of the "Immaculate Conception" on the 8th of December - An unforgettable experience!

And don't miss the famous "Bufadero" - A rock formation shaped by the power of the waves where the waters of the Pacific Ocean splash into a big cave, breaking and splitting up in thousands of small droplets.


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