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Staying connected and getting informed in Lima is really easy. Peru has a varied press, many interesting and entertaining radio stations and various state and privately owned television channels. By introducing satellite and cable TV in Peru around 150 international TV channels including HD transmissions can be received.

Modern technology as well brought the internet with all its possibilities of additional information sources and social networks. Thousands of Internet Cafes are spread around town. A few municipalities in Lima offer Wi-Fi at some public place, so do an increasing number of cafes, malls and hotels. The cellphone market including smartphones and Blackberry is booming, the coverage in Lima is excellent.

And for those wanting to stay connected the traditional way, Peru's postal service is at least in Lima better than its reputation, and for really important stuff there are a few courier services.

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Radio Filarmonia

Radio Stations
Radio Filarmonia is on air since 2001 with classical music, concerts and operas.

Union La Radio

Radio Stations
Union La Radio is dedicated to Cumbia, folk, Creole and Andean music.

Radio Nacional del Peru

Radio Stations
Radio Nacional del Peru is Peru's state radio since 1925 and informs about national and international news, politics, economy, sports, culture and entertainment.

Radio Viva FM

Radio Stations
Radio viva fm broadcasts Rock & Pop in English for the younger generation.

Radio Mar

Radio Stations
Radio Mar plays salsa without end

Radio Nueva Q FM

Radio Stations
Radio Nueva Q FM dedicate their program to national Cumbia.

Radio Planeta

Radio Stations
Radio Planeta is on air since 1999 the station only broadcasts music in English; Rock, Pop, Punk, Hip Hop, R&B.
First published in 2001 by the El Comercio media group Trome developed into Peru’s most read newspaper over the past years making the tabloid the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the world.
El Bocón, published since 1994, is probably the most popular Peruvian sports newspapers. It features national and international football, motor sports, volleyball, basketball, surfing, boxing and other sports.
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National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History - Lima, Peru.mp4

National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History - Lima, Peru.mp4

Founded in April 1826, the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru (MNAAHP) is Peru's oldest state museum. On display is a wide range of perfectly preserved pre-Hispanic ceramics, textiles, metals, organic materials and lithic's. Objects of historic-artistic value are exhibited. The documentary, photographic and bibliographic collections tell...
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02 July 2021

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