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Fighting your way through the bureaucratic jungle of a foreign country, being aware of important rules and regulations or even laws and knowing how certain things work or are done can be challenging, especially here in Peru.

Our “Legal Stuff” section gives visitors and (newly) residents of Peru important information on the most common topics and hopefully helpful guidelines for the most often needed procedures.

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After having closed all borders and having suspended all international and national travel by air, land, sea and river at the beginning of the pandemic in mid-March 2020, since October 2020 traveling to Peru by air and in Peru by air and land, and since mid-February 2022 crossing land border is possible again, however with strict entry requireme...
Since October 2020 everyone traveling to Peru by air is asked to pre-register his or her arrival in the country on an app. As pre-registered travelers don’t have to proceed to an immigration counter upon arrival but can use the automated passport control system to clear immigration, this novelty at Lima’s airport reduces contacts and is supposed...
As part of the Covid entry regulations, everyone - visitor, resident and Peruvian; adult and child; vaccinated or unvaccinated - who is flying into Peru is required to present a Health Affidavit and Geolocation Authorization which can be easily and quickly obtained by filling out an online form provided by the Peruvian immigration office Migraci...
As part of the Corona hygiene measures, Peruvian immigration officers stopped stamping passports when entering the country in October 2020. For over a year and a half, travelers didn’t get anything in writing showing how long they could stay as a tourist and, especially those wanting to be in Peru as long as possible, asked themselves how many d...
For years it wasn’t possible to extend your tourist visa / "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" once you entered Peru. This changed in May 2018 and quite a few tourist extended their stay. However, in August 2021 things have changed back; so tourist visa extension aren't possible at the moment anymore.
When travelling to a foreign country it’s always a good idea to know which items you can take with no problems, and which ones you better leave at home because restrictions or bans apply in the country of your destination. For Peru find a quite detailed list of items that you can bring without difficulties or with some restrictions and those th...
All administration charges and processing fees government agencies, public authorities and entities levy in Peru have to be paid at the Banco de la Nacion.
Foreign visitors, who entered Peru as tourists or temporary visa holders such as temporary students, have to apply for a special permit called “Permiso especial para firmar contratos (PEFC)” at the Peruvian immigration office Migraciones when they need to sign legally binding documents before private and public entities (such as work contract, s...
One of the requirements to apply for a resident visa in Peru or to change your visa type, for example from a work visa to a permanent resident visa, are the “Antecedentes policiales, penales y judiciales”, issued in your home country and, in case you lived in another country before coming to Peru, in the country of your residence covering the la...
All foreigners must present the Ficha de Canje Internacional to Migraciones when changing their immigration status – either from a temporary visa or temporary authorization (for example tourist) to a resident visa or from one resident permit type to another. So, before you can even start any resident visa application process you first have to ge...
19 results - showing 1 - 10
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