History of Peru

Before your eyes, the history of Peru reveals the long and painful process by which two great cultures challenged each other and finally produced a new cycle in the cultural evolution. Imperial Spain and the Incan empire have long since disappeared, but modern Peru (child of the two) today stands confidently on the threshold of the future.

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Huatya Curi and the Five Condors

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
A long time ago, at the jagged top of the world where the snow lives, there was a poor young man named Huatya Curi. His name meant Potato Eater, for he lived off the vegetables he found in the moun...

The Macaw Woman

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
There came a time long ago when the earth was covered with water. As the water rose, it drowned the people, all but two brothers, who fled to the mountain called Huacayñán. Still the water kept ris...

The Serpents of the Jauja Valley

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
There was once a time when the Valley of Jauja, where the Mantaro River now flows, was covered by the waters of an enormous lake. In the middle of this lake there lived a serpent.

The Condor Seeks a Wife

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
A condor fell in love with a young woman tending her flock of sheep. He changed himself into a handsome young man and came and stood beside her where her flock was grazing.

The Boy Who Rose to the Sky

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
There once lived a man and a woman who had an only son. The man grew wonderful potatoes in a plot far from the house. They were luxuriant, and he alone had the seed to grow them. But at night thiev...

The Moth

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
A man and a woman lived happily together with their only child, a little boy. But the man went off on a journey, leaving his wife in tears, and while he was away, she spent the nights sleeplessly s...

Why the Fox Has a Huge Mouth

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
One day many years ago, at a time when his mouth was still small and delicate, as in fact it used to be, the fox was out walking and happened to notice a Huaychao (native Peruvian bird) singing on ...

The Dancing Fox

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
Foxes love to dance. They dance in the dark with young women who slip quietly from their beds and come running out into the night. But the fox who dances must wear a disguise.

The Mouse Husband

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
A mouse fell in love with a pretty young woman and changed himself into a slender young man, long-faced, however, and with tiny, bright eyes. He spoke with a thin, whistling voice, and his manners ...

The Grateful Dove

Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales
Once there were two bad boys who liked to torture animals. They hated to work in the vegetable patch, and they did not care to do chores for their old parents. They wanted to do no work at all. One...
72 results - showing 61 - 70
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