Gods, Spirits, Deities & Worshipping in Peru

Since ancient times in Peru there is a deep belief in gods, spirits, deities, the worshipping of nature and artefacts. Passed on from one generation to another, some of these beliefs try to explain the origins, creation of humankind, natural phenomena, and death. Others describe the nature and function of divinities, while still others provide models of righteous behavior by relating the adventures of heroes or the misfortunes of arrogant humans. These beliefs create the base for legends, folklore, myths, and the culture of each period they appear.

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Religion and Gods in Ancient Peru

Gods, Spirits, Deities & Worshipping in Peru
Like most ancient peoples, the Incas and their contemporaries worshipped multiple gods. Yet there was an unmistakable tendency for each group to recognize a single god as supremely significant, at least so far as its own tribal fortunes were concerned.

Early People, Cultures, and Civilizations in Peru

Gods, Spirits, Deities & Worshipping in Peru
The earliest people to inhabit what we now call Peru probably arrived in the Andes about 13,000 B.C. These people were hunters and gatherers. On the coast they fished and collected shellfish.

The Incas in the southern highlands of Peru

Gods, Spirits, Deities & Worshipping in Peru
In the thirteenth century the Incas were one of several small tribes living in the region of the present-day Peruvian city of Cuzco.
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