Synagogues in Lima

Synagogues in LimaSynagogues in Lima
Selected Jewish Communities in Lima

Synagogues in Lima
Synagogues in Lima

There are quite a number of indigenous Peruvians who have recently started practicing Judaism and they together with the increasing number of foreigners living in Peru form the mayor asset of Peru's Jewish community. The relationships and bonds to international Jewish society are increasing steadily.

There are about 3,000 Jews in Peru today. The 3 major synagogues and their communities in Lima are all united within the Jewish Association of Peru (Asociacion Judia del Peru).

Jewish Communities in Lima

Asociación Judía del Perú - Jewish Association of Peru
  • Ca. Carlos Porras Osores 210, San Isidro
  • Phone: (+511) 422-6066
Conservative Synagogue Rabbi Bronstein (Sociedad de Beneficencia Israelita)
  • Ca. José Galvez 282
  • Miraflores, Lima
  • Phone (+511) 445-1089
Union Israelita del Peru (Orthodox Ashkenazi)
Union Israelita del Peru
Socidad Israelita Sefaradi (Orthodox Sefardic)
Sinagoga Judía Mesiánica Atrio De Salvacion
  • Ca. Manuel Zelaya 449 
  • Urb. Pamplona Baja
  • San Juan de Miraflores, Lima
Colegio León Pinelo - Private Jewish School

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#Levy2014-03-30 02:25
I have found your website and I was wondering if you could help me. I am doing a genealogical research on my family, part of which stayed sometimes in Peru around 1880 coming from California (although they came originally from the east of France) and on their way to the Philippines. Would there be anyone who could have records of a possible stay of Adolphe and/or Charles Levy and of their activities in Peru?
Thanks for your help.
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#Eva - Editor2014-03-30 10:42
doing genealogical research in Peru is very, very difficult. As you posted under "Synagogues" I assume your family was Jewish. So a good started point could be the Asociación Judía del Perú. They operate a Jewish Museum that has quite an extensive archive. Unfortunately we from LimaEasy were asked by the Jewish Museum in Lima not to publish any details about them :(. But you can find their contact details on the website of the Museo de la Comunidad Judia del Peru ("").
Good luck!
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#Aileen Bloom2014-04-07 16:48
I will be travelling to Lima tomorrow (4/8) and will be in city until Saturday am. (4/12)I would like to learn about the Jewish community/culture in Lima and visit some synagogues. I would like to attend a Shabbat service on Friday and possibly share in a Shabbat dinner. I contacted Chabad in San Isidro but I would prefer being in a synagogue not in a Chabad house. I'm looking for cultural experiences in Peru and to share my heritage. I leave in the morning so if you can get back to me with ideas for a Jewish Heritage Tour, I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately we will be in Machu Picchu for SEDER and not have opportunity to share it this in Cusco…..Chag Samea! Aileen Bloom
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#Eva - Editor2014-04-07 21:11
Hello Aileen,
when I remember correctly one of the best tour operators in Lima named Lima Mentor ("") offers custom made Jewish Tours. I forwarded your comment to Cynthia from Lima Mentor and am sure she will get back to you as soon as possible.
Aracari ("") offers also a Jewish Heritage Tour that seems very personal. As I never used them, I unfortunately can't comment on the quality of this tour.
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#Antonella2014-10-01 08:32
Hi! I'm going to Lima-Peru this week and I would like to find a synagogue that I can go during Yom Kippur.
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#Eva - Editor2014-10-01 10:00
Above you find some synagogues. I'm sure they will celebrate that very special day; when and how exactly I honestly don't know. So probably best get in contact with them directly.
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#Jennifer Doron2015-01-19 17:53
My son is working on a research project for school. The kids have all been assigned a country and must learn about Jewish life in that country. We have been assigned PERU. The topics are History, Food, Clothes and Synagogues. Can you help me with any of these topics. We have collected information on the History, but we are having a difficult time finding any synagogue information. Can you suggest a resource for us. Thank you,
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#LIZETH LEVY2015-03-16 10:29
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#Celia2015-07-08 18:18
Necesito saber si existen comunidades judias en el interior del pais, especificamente en piura, gracias.
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#Dan Madera2015-08-19 20:44
Is there a Reform synagogue Peru.
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#renzo2015-11-03 16:20
hola quisiera saber si en Peru-Lima hay conversion al judaismo y en donde puedo ir .Gracias
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#Talia-Limaeasy2015-11-07 16:52
Hola, si se puede, te recomiendo acercarte a una sinagoga y preguntar al rabino, que es el jefe religioso.
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#ellen caicedo2016-02-08 16:09
looking for a reform synagouge in lima or cuzco.and a sedar in cuszco april 23. thank you,
ellen caicedo
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#Frida Schatz2016-07-16 14:01
Hello, I would like to ask you if you could help me in finding a professional guide of Jewish Lima. I'm living in STockholm and we are a group of friends, 25 persons who are planning to visit Lima and to have a tour of Jewish Heritage. Thanks in advance, Frida
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