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Av. Petit Thouars block 52 to 55
  • Miraflores
City (Peru)
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Just one block from the big roundabout in Miraflores you find Av. Petit Thouars. On block 52 to 55 are many artisan markets selling nearly everything what Peruvian craftsmanship has to offer. You get the typical souvenirs, nice artisan craftworks, beautiful silver jewelry and other silverware, clothes made of Peru's famous alpaca, funny T-Shirts, pottery, paintings, wooden pieces, and much more from all over Peru.

The markets start directly at the corner with Av. Ricardo Palma. The first smaller ones are the Artesanias Miraflores and Kaypi Artesanias on block 55, followed by the Gran Chimu Handicraft Market, Artesania Señor de Sipan, Gran Chavin, the Cuzco Market, La Portada del Sol and the Inka Market on block 54.

On both sides of Av. Petit Thouars block 52 / 53 are two big handicraft markets where most visitors find all the souvenirs they might want to take back home: the Inka Plaza, opened in 2008 and the Indian Market, which is connected with the Mercado de Indios by a passage full of more stalls.

At the moment these markets are probably the place with the best offer of Peruvian arts and crafts in town. There is so much to look at and discover that you might need some time to see everything. So don't rush through and take your time finding the right pieces. And even if prices tend to be standardized (especially for tourists) and seems cheap to you, never pay the asked price and do some bargaining! Payments can be made in Soles and Dollars, some shops also accept credit cards but watch where your credit card goes!


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