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Lima is known for its rich historical and cultural past. Long before the Spaniards arrived several other cultures with highly advanced skills in construction, agriculture and arts settled the area of today's Lima. The Spanish colonist added to this legendary cultural legacy. Based on the model of Spanish cities, the "City of the Kings" arose and soon Lima became the political, economic, cultural and religious center of the Spanish colonies in South America. A completely different culture with European and Moorish influence mixed with the indigenous cultural and religious inheritance.

Everywhere visible in Lima is how these ancient cultures melted with modern factors. Amazing archaeological sites like the "Huacas" (Adobe pyramids) are spread over the city and are worth a visit. A must for every Lima visitor is the Historic City Center with amazing buildings, plazas and churches from Colonial times. Don't miss the numerous museums, displaying a huge variety of Lima's and Peru's culture from antique and traditional to modern and contemporary. Theatres, cinemas and Cultural Centers complete Lima's cultural scene.

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Metropolitan Museum of Lima

Museums in Lima
In December 2011 the new high tech marvel of Lima's museum scene opened its doors to the public. The Museo Metropolitano de Lima (Metropolitan Museum of Lima) is the first completely virtual museum of the country. Using movies, 2D, 3D and even 4D as well as holograms, projections and other technical finesses you are lead through 10,000 years of ...

The Archaeological Complex El Paraiso

Huacas (Adobe Pyramids)
One of the first big settlements and ceremonial centers in the area of today's Lima was El Paraíso (The Paradise). For decades, the complex was dated to around 2200 BC, however, new findings suggest that it might be even 1000 or 2000 years older.

House of the Peruvian Literature

Historical Buildings
The building was originally Lima's main train station (Estacion de Desamparados - Desamparados Train Station) and opened in 1912. Situated behind the Presidential Palace at the River Rimac it was a symbol of the progress and development of the city in the beginning of the 20th century. At this time the capital of Peru was completely redesigned.

The Lima Art Museum - MALI

Museums in Lima
The Lima Art Museum presents 3000 years of Peruvian art. The museum has a large selection of pre-Columbian textiles and ceramics, pictures and furniture from Colonial and Republican times and a significant selection of paintings and photographic works from modern times.

House of Pilatos

Historical Buildings
The origin of the "Casa de Pilatos" or "Casa de Esquivel y Jarava" (after their first owners) is still not completely uncovered. Based on historical documents and writings left by the famous Peruvian author Ricardo Palma it is assumed that this beautiful mansion was built in 1590 and therefore is one of the oldest Colonial buildings in Lima. The...
At the end of July 2012 ChocoMuseo opened "La Casa del Chocolate", a museum dedicated to cacao and chocolate, in Lima's district Miraflores. While the main aim is introducing the visitors to the secret of this addicting treat including the history of cacao and the production process, the museum also offers workshops where you can make your own c...

Torre Tagle Palace

Historical Buildings
Considered one of the most magnificent buildings in South America, this unique mansion shows the elegance and grace of the architecture in the early 18th century. The palace was built in 1730 by José B. Tagle, the Marquis of Torre Tagle and treasurer of the Royal Spanish fleet. His coat of arms is still visible above the door.

L’Eau Vive House

Historical Buildings
This decent 18th century building was nicely restored in the mid-19th century. Worth mentioning is the beautiful carved open balcony.
The Museum Andres del Castillo was inaugurated in November 2008. It’s housed in the recently restored Casa Belen, an historic mansion which origins go back to the 17th century. The museum displays mainly a unique collection of crystallized minerals from Peru, interesting pieces of the Chancay Culture, antique Peruvian textiles from different cul...

House of Goyeneche or Rada

Historical Buildings
Just across the street from Palacio Torre Tagle is an impressive 18th century mansion, the "Casa de Rada" or "Casa de Goyeneche". The house is one of the first buildings that shows a distinct French influence, typical for buildings in the mid 18th century in Lima. Characteristic for Lima are the beautiful preserved balconies and distinctive door...
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