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Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical, and cultural past. Long before the Common Era until the Spaniards' many highly advanced cultures settled the area of today's Lima. Even nowadays they amaze us with their complex skills in construction, agriculture and arts. The Spanish colonists added to this legendary cultural legacy. This completely different culture with European and Moorish influences is mixed with the indigenous cultural and religious inheritance. In the last couple of hundred years, immigrants from Africa and Asia added their part.

The fusion of so many cultures and traditions makes Lima to what it is today. We can find a reflection of this complexity in an incredible number of museums spread around the city. They display the richness and diverse facets of Lima's and Peru's culture. There is something for everyone: archaeological, cultural and historical museums, art and popular art museums, museums dedicated to famous Peruvian personalities, technology and military museums, natural history and earth science museums and many others.

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Opened in 1989, the "Museo Conmemorativo de la Inmigración Japonesa" preserves, investigates and spreads the past and present history of Japanese immigrants and their progeny in Lima. The Museum displays an important collection of historical documents, photos and other pieces concerning the first Japanese immigrants.
The aim of the "Museum of Identification" is to make people aware of the importance of identification and the uniqueness of each person (in Peru around one million people live without being registered and therefore without legal documents!).
Founded in December 2005 the Electoral Museum takes you on a journey through the electoral past and the history of democracy in Peru. The museum displays invaluable objects dating back to 1828.
The museum aims to make the general public aware of the work and achieved successes of the DIRINCRI fighting organized crime.

Aeronautical Museum

Museums in Lima
The Aeronautical Museum is located on the Air Force Base "Las Palmas" and occupies the building that for over 50 years was the headquarters of the School for the Peruvian Air Force Officers. The museum not "just" displays the aviation history of Peru, but describes as well the myth of flying and the desires and the worries of men who wanted to g...

The Abtao Submarine Museum

Museums in Lima
The submarine Abtao served 48 years in the Peruvian Navy. In 1998 Abtao was decommissioned and became the first floating museum in Latin America. Being inside a submarine is for us landlubbers always exciting, but visiting the Abtao is much more than that. A special sound and vibration system combined with a "real" command post and other gadgets...

The Naval Museum

Museums in Lima
The significance and magnitude of the Peruvian Navy finds a place of permanent memory and recognition in the "Naval Museum". The fascinating naval and maritime history of Peru is shown with archaeological testimonies, personal objects of war heroes, ship models, instruments for navigation, photos, paintings, jewellery, sculptures and documents. ...
The exhibition area of the fire brigades museum is located in the fire station of the "Compañía de Bomberos Italia No. 5" in Callao. The museum displays objects related to the history of the station, put together with lots of love and dedication. You will find manuscripts, photos, uniforms, accessories for extinguishing fires and beautiful vehic...

Peruvian Navy Theme Park

Museums in Lima
The theme park of the Peruvian Navy is dedicated to all Peruvian marines who heroically defended their country. Main attractions are a mini-submarine of the Peruvian Special Forces, a Grumman plane and a real size replica of the submarine Abtao. But there is much more to see on the 12,000 m2 areal: the patrol boat "Rio Supe", different vehicles ...
The theme park of the Peruvian Air Force is homage to the brave Peruvian pilots who defended their country. The open air museum exhibits various war planes like a Cessna T-37 B "tweety bird", a Sukhoi SU-22, a Queen Air A-80 or AN 32-B and helicopters. Impressive are the displayed rocket launchers including ammunition and the launching platforms...
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