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For most visitors Lima is just an unavoidable must on their way to other treasures Peru offers. The capital of Peru is notorious for its uncontrolled grown urban extent, air pollution, chaotic traffic with reckless drivers and no real public transportation system, crime and few green spaces. But this view of Lima isn't really fair. Lima dominates the political, economical and cultural life of the country and accommodates Peruvians and foreigners from different social and cultural backgrounds. Therefore Lima has an amazing cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the last few years Lima's authorities and inhabitants stopped the deterioration of the capital and spruced up Lima's image.

Today you find beautiful parks and green areas, some nice places for kids, good companies showing you Lima's past and present, excellent cafes, bars and discotheques, a unique music scene and many other things for all age groups that let you view Lima in a different light. Exploring Lima and discovering its bloom (and ugly) side is an exciting and unforgettable experience you shouldn't miss. Have fun!

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Cineplanet Centro Civico - City Center

Jardines Japoneses

Parks & Gardens
The Peruvian Japanese Cultural Center offers a wide variety of cultural activities. On the big area of the cultural center you find a theatre, the Museum of Japanese Immigration, a small tea house, a Japanese art exhibition, a library, a school for Japanese martial arts like Judo, Karate, Aikido and a beautiful well maintained Japanese Garden.

Skate Park

Parks & Gardens
The Skate Park in Miraflores was the first of its kind in Lima. It's divided into two zones: one for skaters with half pipes and the other for mountain biking.

Cineplanet Comas

Cinemas & Cineclubs
Cineplanet Comas


Citytours & Sightseeing
Very interesting and pleasant are rides on the Mirabus. The panoramic buses have two floors. You can enjoy driving through Lima in the air-conditioned inside or go upstairs where you have a real convertible feeling. Relax while the breeze cools you down and the Lima's hectic and chaotic traffic seems far away or better below you. You will have a...

Parque Municipal Barranco

Parks & Gardens
The Parque Municipal in the center of Barranco is a nice place to sit down, relax or just to see and to be seen. The park was inaugurated on the 13th of February 1899 and till today is popular at day and night.

Cineplanet La Molina

Cinemas & Cineclubs
Cineplanet La Molina
Cineplanet Norte Royal Plaza - Independencia

Bike Tours of Lima

Citytours & Sightseeing
Enjoy and discover Lima in a completely different way; with a bike tour. The city tours of Bike Tours of Lima cover the most traditional and typical spots of the capital. The tours are carried out mainly over bike lanes, beautiful parks, wide sidewalks, one way streets and always on flat areas, wherever possible away from busy main roads to ensu...

Cineplanet Plaza San Miguel

Cinemas & Cineclubs
Cineplanet Plaza San Miguel
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