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Lima was for a long time and unfortunately for some visiting the country still is an unavoidable must on their way to other treasures and attractions Peru offers. Lima is ill-reputed as a bustling, dirty, dangerous, unfriendly and unattractive city. This general judgment isn't really fair. Over the last few years the municipality of the Lima with the different district municipalities put significant efforts into enhancing the urban image by cleaning and shaping up not only streets and buildings but as well by remodeling Lima's old parks and creating some new green areas.

Today you can find many magnificent parks in Lima, some well-known others hidden, some full of history others tiny. Anyhow, if you need a place to relax, have a picnic lunch in a peaceful environment, have some fun or just want to take a break from Lima's everyday life, there are some really nice places to do that.

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The Parque Ecologico Loma Amarilla is a natural land elevation with approx. 7.5 hectares, composed of flagstone.
Parque Central and Parque Kennedy unite to one big park in the heart of Miraflores. At daytime it's a beautiful place to have a little break and enjoy yourself. Here you find the Municipality of Mi...

Parque del Amor

Parks & Gardens
Parque del Amor in Miraflores is located following the Malecon de la Reserva after the bridge at the intersection with Malecon Balta. This small park is entirely dedicated to all lovers and offers ...

Parque Salazar

Parks & Gardens
Named after the great Peruvian aviator Alfredo Salazar the park located in Miraflores directly at the cliff offers a stunning view over the Pacific Ocean. On clear days you can see the wh...

Parque Raimondi

Parks & Gardens
The Parque Raimondi in Miraflores is one of the big parks on the cliffs. Parque Raimondi, named after the famous Italian-born Peruvian explorer, scientist, writer, cartographer and naturalist has a...

Parque el Faro

Parks & Gardens
Just a few blocks north of Parque del Amor along the cliff is another beautiful park, Parque El Faro (the Lighthouse Park). You can see the lighthouse already from quite a distance. In Parque El Fa...

Parque Chino

Parks & Gardens
Since 2021, the Malecon in Miraflores, which over the past 20 years developed into a green oasis with miles long walking and cycling paths as well as numerous beautiful parks such as the Love Park ...

Jardines Japoneses

Parks & Gardens
The Peruvian Japanese Cultural Center offers a wide variety of cultural activities. On the big area of the cultural center you find a theatre, the Museum of Japanese Immigration, a small tea house,...

Skate Park

Parks & Gardens
The Skate Park in Miraflores was the first of its kind in Lima. It's divided into two zones: one for skaters with half pipes and the other for mountain biking.

Parque Municipal Barranco

Parks & Gardens
The Parque Municipal in the center of Barranco is a nice place to sit down, relax or just to see and to be seen. The park was inaugurated on the 13th of February 1899 and till today is popular at d...
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